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Congressman Jim Renacci Met With Walsh Students in D.C.

What's New, 2014-02-28

Congressman Jim Renacci of the 16th Congressional District of Ohio met with Walsh University students interested in politics and a life of public service on Capitol Hill on February 27th, 2014. Renacci offered his guidance and shared insights on what it means to be a public servant in today's political arena. Renacci, who has been a public servant for the last two decades, has done more than just talk about involving millennials in public service; he has donated personal funds that established the James B. Renacci Government Scholars program at Walsh University. This mentoring program offers scholarship opportunities, internships, and travel opportunities to students interested in public service.

"At a time when our country is facing many challenges, it is critical that young people are engaged and active in politics," said Rep. Jim Renacci. "I continue to be impressed by the students at Walsh University who display true passion and concern for the issues that we must tackle as a nation. I look forward to learning more about their good work and encourage them to pursue a career in public service."

Through the James B. Renacci Government Scholars Program, students majoring in Government and Foreign Affairs or International Relations can apply for a scholarship that is put toward the costs associated with an internship or academics. "For many students, the cost of pursuing internships can often be prohibitive; however, this program enables students to explore a career in public service through an internship while residing in Washington D.C., or in a state capitol city — experiences they might not otherwise be able to afford," said Dr. Koop Berry, Walsh University Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs and Director of the Renacci Scholars Program.

Danny Widder was the first recipient of an internship scholarship in fall 2013. It allowed him to accept an intern position for Sindhi American Political Action Committee, which advocates awareness for the plight of the Sindhi population in Pakistan. During his internship, he worked with congressional aides, made presentations and interacted with foreign government officials. After graduation Widder plans to find a position in public service. Dylan Michel received a scholarship to assist with tuition and plans to attend law school after he graduates.

In addition to the Washington Experience trip, the James B. Renacci Government Scholars Program sponsors the "All Politics is Local" conference offering any higher education student an opportunity to present original papers regarding domestic, international and philosophic areas of political science and international relations. This year's conference will be held at Walsh University on Saturday, April 27, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the keynote speaker is Professor of Political Science and Conflict Management and Director of the Center for Applied Conflict Management at Kent State University Patrick Coy.

As for why Congressman Renacci chose Walsh University, he says that he identifies with its mission to educate students to become leaders through service to others. "Giving back to our local communities is important, and this program provides students with the opportunity to learn more about how they can do that through public service."