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Advancement Scholarships for 2015-16

Walsh University offers several Advancement Scholarships that require a separate application process. To view eligibility criteria and to learn more, click on the scholarship names below. If you meet the listed criteria and would like to apply, you may download printable applications from the File Gallery at the right.

For further assistance, please contact Carmela Bendetta, Scholarship Coordinator, at (330) 490-7596 or cbendetta@walsh.edu.

Walsh University Scholarships Deadline
The Absolute Endowed Scholarship in Physical Therapy  Mar. 10
Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Don & Paulette Caster Endowed Scholarship   Mar. 10
Carlo Thomas Cicchini Memorial Scholarship  Mar. 10
Alice M. Cleary Memorial Scholarship  Mar. 10
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Colaner Memorial Scholarship    Mar. 10
Cornerstone Capital Advisors Scholarship  Feb. 10
The William W. & Anna Jean Cushwa Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Marc Deighton Scholarship  Feb. 10
The John & Marie Dowling Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
The James J. Dreussi Memorial Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
Edward P. & Jeannette A. Elum Memorial Scholarship  Mar. 10
Gary Farey Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Coletta M. Kiko Memorial Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Joanne Lattavo Enowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
Dr. Sandra A. Lopez-Baez Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Dick & Maurita (Paumier) Mahon "Angel of Mercy" Nursing Scholarship  Mar. 10
Edward A. Mahoney Family Endowed Scholarship   Feb. 10
The McKeon Family Memorial Scholarship  Mar. 10
The William C. Meier Foundation Scholarship  Mar. 10
Northwestern Mutual Scholarship  Feb. 10
Helen Irene Peer Memorial Scholarship   Feb. 10
The Pellegrino Family Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Coral L. Pennetti Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Doctor of Physical Therapy Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Terrance Portis Memorial Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Mark Ratti Family Endowed Scholarship  Mar. 10
The Fred & Joanne C. Reikowsky Endowed Scholarship   Mar. 10
The Renacci Government Scholars Award  Mar. 10
Riesbeck Legacy Scholarship  Feb. 10
The Angela & Tom Schervish Endowed Scholarship   Feb. 10 
The Servant Leadership Scholarship  Mar. 10
Sodexo Corporation Scholarship  Mar. 10
St. Paul's Parishioner Scholarship  Mar. 10
Women's Committee Scholarship  Feb. 10