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Are Walsh's residence halls coed?

Walsh University provides a variety of housing for students. Alexis and Menard Halls are designed for two students per room, with private bathroom (including a shower) connecting the suites. All of Walsh's residence halls are co-ed. Also available to students are apartment-style resident halls: Lemmon Hall, Wilkof Towers, Olivieri Towers, Meier Hall, Stein Hall, and Brauchler Hall. Juniors and Seniors usually occupy the apartments; however, all housing is based on credit hours earned and semesters lived on campus. Lemmon apartments include a kitchenette, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Lemmon Hall is also handicap accessible. The Meier, Stein, and Brauchler apartments have four bedrooms, giving each student his/her own room, two bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a living room, and laundry room with washer and dryer. Walsh has added 2 new residence halls: Wilkof Towers and Olivieri Towers, which provide housing options ranging from single rooms to four-person suites. All residence halls and apartments are fully furnished with Internet access, cable, and telephone services.

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