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Walsh University Graduate Catalog 2012-2013


DALE S. HOWARD, 330-490-7303

Vice President for Athletics/Athletic Director (1989) B.S., State University College at Brockport; M.Ed., University of Northern Colorado dhoward@walsh.edu

CHRIS ALBRECHT, 330-490-7025

Assistant Football Coach / Director of Cavalier Athletic Club (2008) B.A. Youngstown State University calbrecht@walsh.edu

JOHN BARTUSECK, 330-490-7515

Athletic Business Manager (2011) B.B.A. and M.A., Kent State University jbartuseck@walsh.edu

SHERRY A. BOSSART, 330-490-7019

Assistant M/W Tennis Coach (1982) sbossart@walsh.edu

KELLI BROWN, 330-490-7028

Assistant Volleyball Coach (2011) kbrown@walsh.edu

STEPHANIE CADY, 330-490-7035

Secretary (2000) scady@walsh.edu

AL CAMPBELL, 330-490-7023

Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach (1999) B.S. and M.Ed., The University of Akron acampbell@walsh.edu

JAMES R. CLARK, 330-490-7017

Sports Information Director; Director of Athletic Promotions and Marketing (1983) B.S., The University of Akron jclark@walsh.edu

JAMES DENNISON, 330-490-7035

Head Football Coach and Associate Athletic Director in charge of Football Operations (1993) B.A., The College of Wooster; M.A., The University of Akron jdennison@walsh.edu

JOHN FANKHAUSER, 330-490-7047

Assistant Football Coach, Groundskeeper (1998) B.A., Youngstown State University jfankhauser@walsh.edu

JASON FAUTAS, 330-244-4953

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach (2012) B.A., Hartwick College; M.S., Northeastern University jfautas@walsh.edu

ERIN FOSTER, 330-490-7028

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach (2010) B.A., Cleveland State University efoster@walsh.edu

AMY HAIR, 330-490-7517

Assistant Softball Coach (2011) amyhair@walsh.edu

JOHN HALL, 330-244-4973

Head Men’s Soccer Coach B.A., Tiffin University; M.A. Heidelberg College jhall@walsh.edu

MARK HEFFERNAN, 330-244-4961

Manager of Athletic Affairs (2010) B.A., Willington College mheffernan@walsh.edu

DR. BRUCE HENSLEY, 330-490-7030

Medical Director of Mercy’s Work, Health and Safety Services, (2006) West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine healthservices@walsh.edu

MARK JOHNSTON, 330-490-7024

Assistant Football Coach; Strength and Conditioning Coordinator; (2001) B.S., M.S., Ohio University mjohnston@walsh.edu

DEVIN JORDAN, 330-490-7456

Assistant Football Coach (2012) B.S., The Ohio State University djordan@walsh.edu

ELLEN KUTZ, 330-490-7302

Director of Compliance/Senior Woman Administrator (1977) B.S. and M.A., Walsh University; Registered Nurse ekutz@walsh.edu

DAMIEN MARCHIONE, 330-490-7034

Assistant Women's Soccer Coach (2011) B.G.S., Kent State University dmarchione@walsh.edu

TIMOTHY MEAD, 330-490-7013

Head Coach, Baseball (1982) B.A., Walsh University; M.A., The University of Akron tmead@walsh.edu

WARREN M. MILLER, IV, 330-490-7026

Assistant Football Coach (2007) Athletic Academic Advisor B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College wmiller@walsh.edu

CHRISTY MITCHELL, 330-490-7548

Head Women's Lacrosse Coach (2012) cmitchell@walsh.edu

ROB MIZICKO, 330-490-7510

Head Cross Country and Track Coach (2012) rmizicko@walsh.edu

CHRISTINA PAONE, 330-490-7519

Head Women's Golf Coach (2011) B.A., Walsh University cpaone@walsh.edu

JAIME LYNN PORTER, 330-490-7517

Head Softball Coach (2011) B.A., Walsh University M.A., Walsh University jporter@walsh.edu

BRAD RADER, 330-490-7015

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach (2011) B.A., Ashland University; M.B.A., Walsh University bradleyrader@walsh.edu

DAVE RENARD, 330-490-7034

Head Women’s Soccer Coach (2011) B.A., Malone College drenard@walsh.edu

ROBERT ROSE, 330-490-7013

Assistant Baseball Coach (2011) B.A., Walsh University robertrose@walsh.edu

LOGAN SMITH, 330-490-7254

Assistant Sports Information Director (2011) lsmith@walsh.edu

MEGAN SUAREZ, 330-490-7035

Cheerleading Advisor msuarez@walsh.edu

FRED THOMAS, 330-244-4739

Football Equipment Manager, Assistant Football Coach B.A., Youngstown State University; M.A., Ashland University fthomas@walsh.edu

HEATHER WAECHTER, 330-490-7090

Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach (2010) M.B.A., Walsh University; B.A., Malone University hwaechter@walsh.edu

LAUREL WARTLUFT, 330-490-7012

Head Women’s Basketball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director (2006) B.S, John F. Kennedy College; M.A., Kent State University; Ed.S., Kent State University lwartluft@walsh.edu

BRIAN WHITAKER, 330-490-7019

Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach (2012) bwhittaker@walsh.edu

DOUG WILLMOTT, 330-490-7027

Head Athletic Trainer (2001) M.S., The University of Akron dwillmott@walsh.edu

JEFF YOUNG, 330-490-7020

Head Coach, Men’s Basketball, and Director of Athletic Work-Study (1992) B.S., Walsh University jyoung@walsh.edu

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Walsh University Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

Founders of Walsh University

Graduate Academic Calendar 2012 – 2013

General Information

The DeVille School of Business

The DeVille School of Business Course Descriptions

The School of Nursing

The School of Nursing Course Descriptions

NURS 600 Theoretical Development of Nursing Science 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 601 Research Methods & Evidence Based Nursing Inquiry 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 602 Statistical and Epidemiological Methods for Health Sciences 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 603 Professional Role Development and Ethical Issues 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 604 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 606 Health Care Policy, Organization, and Financing 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 610 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 612 Advanced Pharmacology 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 614 Advanced Health Assessment 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 615 Seminar in Advanced Clinical Specialty 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 616 Practicum in Advanced Clinical Specialty 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 618 Health Informatics 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 620 Clinical Leadership I 3 sem. hrs.

NUR 621 Clinical Leadership II 3 sem. hrs

NUR 625 Clinical Immersion Project 5 sem. hrs

NURS 630 Assessment, Measurement & Evaluation in Nursing Education 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 631 Curriculum Design in Nursing Education 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 632 Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 635 Practicum in Nursing Education 4 sem. hrs.

NURS 701 Nursing Science in Advanced Practice Theories and Foundations 3 sem hrs.

NURS 702 Advanced Nursing Research 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 703 Biostatistics for Outcomes Evaluation 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 705 Applications of Epidemiology to Health Service 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 706 Health Care Policy, Organization, and Financing 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 708 Translating Evidence to Clinical Practice 2 sem. hrs.

NURS 710 Nsg Leadership Role and Ethics in Complex Health Care Systems 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 718 Health Informatics 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 720 Organizational Systems Analysis and Design 3-4 sem. hrs.

NURS 721 Mgmt. for Quality Improvement & Health Care Outcomes Evaluation 3 sem. hrs.

NURS 725 Advanced Leadership in Clinical Practice 3-4 sem. hrs.

NURS 730 Residency Practicum 6-10 sem. hrs.

NURS 731 DNP Scholarly Project 1-4 sem. hrs.

M.A. Counseling and Human Development

CHD Course Descriptions

BSC 560 Introduction to Counseling and the Counseling Profession 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 602 Research Methods and Program Evaluation 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 603 Assessment in Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 610 Principles, Techniques, and Theories of Counseling and Development 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 612 Lifespan Development 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 624 Career Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 626 Group Process 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 635 Addictions 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 662 Individual Study: Counseling & Human Development 1-3 sem. hrs.

CHD 730 Social & Cultural Diversity in Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 740 Ethics and Issues in Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 790 Practicum: Counseling Techniques 3 sem. hrs.


CHD 620 Foundation and Orgamizaion of School Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 637 Consultation, Collaboration and Leadership 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 680 Issues in School Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 795 Internship in School Counseling 3 sem. hrs.


CHD 665 Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practice 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 772 Advanced Abnormal Behavior 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 775 Diagnosis of Mental and Emotional Disorders 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 777 Treatment of Mental and Emotional Disorders 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 780 Personality Assessment 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 796 I & 796 II Internship in Clinical Mental Health Counseling I & II 3 sem. hrs. each

COUNSELING Intervention Courses (CHD 710, 749-770) (ELECTIVES)

CHD 710-1 Counseling Adolescents 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 710-2 Counseling Children 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 710-4 Spirituality in Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 710-6 Cross-Cultural Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 710-8 Conflict Resolution 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 710-9 Counseling Families 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 749 Crisis Intervention 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 751 Counseling for Grief and Loss 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 752 Trauma Assessment/Treatment 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 753 Relational Cultural Therapy 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 754 Psychopharmacology 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 755 Supervision & Consultation 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 756 Art Therapy 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 757 Couples Therapy 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 762 Eating Disorders 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 763 Wellness 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 764 Motivational Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 767 Art Therapy II 3 sem. hrs.

CHD 768 Cognitive Behavioral Interventions 3 sem. hrs.

Master of Arts in Education

Endorsement Programs

L.E.A.D. Program (Licensure in Education for Adults with Degrees)

M.A. in Education Course Descriptions

EDF 601 Psychology of Learning 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 606 Accommodating Learners with Special Needs 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 607 Research Methods 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 620 Teaching and Learning 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 621 Legal and Ethical Issues in Education 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 622 Philosophy of Education 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 701 Capstone Experience 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 705 Pupil Services 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 706 Principalship 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 707 Personnel Management and Leadership 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 708 Internship (Principal License) 3 sem. hrs.

EDF 705, 706, 707 & 708 will be offered once Principal License is approved by Ohio Board of Regents


Communicate Institute Courses

Master of Arts in Theology

M.A. in Theology Course Descriptions

THEO 629 Sacred Scripture 3 sem. hrs.

THEO 670 The Catholic Tradition

THEO 676 Lay Ecclesial Leadership 3 sem. hrs.

THEO 679 Christology 3 sem. hrs.

THEO 680 Catholic Moral Life 3 sem. hrs.

THEO 681 Ecclesiology 3 sem. hrs.

THEO 682 Old Testament Scriptures 3 sem hrs.

THEO 683 New Testament Scriptures 3 sem. hrs.

THEO 690 Spiritual Formation 3 sem. hrs.

THEO 691 Liturgy and the Sacraments 3 sem. hrs

Theology Electives

Pastoral Ministry Concentration

Concentration in Religious Education

Concentration in Parish Administration

Culminating Assignment

Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

DPT in Physical Therapy Course Descriptions

PT 503/603 Human Anatomy 6 sem. hrs.

PT 504/604 Foundations of Neuroscience 4 sem. hrs.

PT 506/606 Foundations of Pharmacology 2 sem. hrs.

PT 511/611 Foundations of Clinical Science 4 sem. hrs.

PT 515-1A/615-1A Biomechanics I 2 sem. hrs.

PT 515-1B/615-1B Biomechanics II 2 sem. hrs.

PT 605 Motor Learning/Motor Control 3 sem. hrs.

PT 608 Foundations of Clinical Exercise 4 sem. hrs.

PT 612 Physical Therapy Management of Musculoskeletal Impairment I 3 sem. hrs.

PT 613 Physical Therapy Management of Musculoskeletal Impairment II 5 sem. hrs.

PT 614 Physical Therapy Management of Musculoskeletal Impairment III 5 sem. hrs.

PT 701 Professional Issues I 1 sem. hr.

PT 702 Professional Issues II 1 sem. hr.

PT 703 Professional Experience I 4 sem. hrs.

PT 704 Professional Experience II 4 sem. hrs.

PT 705 Professional Experience III 5 sem. hrs.

PT 706 Professional Experience IV 6 sem. hrs.

PT 710 Health Care Business Management I 2 sem. hrs.

PT 711 Health Care Business Management II 2 sem. hrs.

PT 712 Community Health in Physical Therapy 3 sem. hrs.

PT 713 Service Project 1 sem. hr.

PT 720 Research Methodology I 3 sem. hrs.

PT 721 Research Methodology II 2 sem. hrs.

PT 722 Research Methodology III 1 sem. hr.

PT 723 Research Methodology IV 2 sem. hrs.

PT 730 Neuromuscular Impairment I 6 sem. hrs.

PT 731 Neuromuscular Impairment II 6 sem. hrs.

PT 732 Physical Therapy Management of Multi-System Impairment 4 sem. hrs.

PT 734 Physical Therapy Management of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Impairments I 4 sem. hrs.

PT 735 Physical Therapy Management of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Impairments II 5 sem. hrs.

PT 736 Capstone Seminar: Clinical Decision Making 2 sem. hrs.

PT 740 Special Topics 1 sem. hrs.

PT 740-01 Special Topics: Pediatrics 1 sem. hrs.

PT 742 Life Span 4 sem. hrs.

Student Services

Academic Policies and Procedures

Board of Directors 2012–2013

Advisory Board

Faculty and Staff Directory

Campus Map