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Foreign Language Program

What Foreign Language majors are available at Walsh?

We offer two Foreign Language majors: French and Spanish.

These Foreign Language programs develop reading, writing and conversational fluency in a second language, as well as an understanding of French and Hispanic cultures.

The Foreign Language curriculum is designed to complement other fields of study, particularly business, health care, and human services. With a Foreign Language degree, students become more marketable in their chosen careers at a time when the international scope of our businesses and communities is increasing.

What type of career can I look forward to with a degree in French or Spanish?

Foreign language students can pursue careers in:

  • Government and Corporate Translation and Interpretation
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Cultural and Policy Research Analysis
  • International Diplomacy
  • Media and Law
  • Museum Services
  • International Business and International Philanthropic Organizations
  • Education both in the United States and abroad

Any career opportunity in a bilingual community increases for individuals with competence in a foreign language. The broad training that students receive in Hispanic or Franco cultures also provides an excellent background for graduate study in translation, literature and culture, business, history, philosophy and law.

What makes Walsh's Foreign Language programs unique?

  • Personal Attention.Our class sizes are small, giving students more one-on-one attention from their instructors. Each student also is assigned an advisor and mentor for guidance throughout the undergraduate experience.
  • Selective Coursework. Students can tailor their studies to align with their particular interests and career goals, particularly in the fields of business, health care, and pastoral ministry.This flexible and individualized opportunity empowers students to choose the concentration that suits them best.
  • International Opportunities. Foreign language majors are encouraged to pursue study abroad, either through Walsh's Rome experience or through international programs available through other institutions, such as St. Louis University Madrid.

In addition, students have the option to enroll in Walsh's new 4+1 Program for non-business majors who would like to supplement their bachelor's degree with an MBA. Through the program, students simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credit for Walsh's MBA Prep Series courses, saving both time and money as students pursue their advanced degree. 

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take?

In addition to intermediate and advanced grammar and conversational classes, Foreign Language students take film, literature and cultural courses in each language. There also are special courses in business and health care language and writing, as well as thematic offerings in areas such as gender studies, human rights, contemporary issues and current events.

What experiential learning or internship opportunities are available?

Spanish majors and minors participate in parish outreach and enrichment programs for the Hispanic communities of both Summit and Stark counties. Some also work through the Hartville Migrant Center and Catholic Farm Workers League. French majors and minors present cultural programs in French to Canton/Akron and Cleveland area community French clubs. All foreign language majors and minors have the opportunity to tutor through the Walsh Academic Support Center.

Whom can I contact for more information?

Dr. Ron Scott, Chair of the Language & Letters Department
(330) 490-7031