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Global Business Degree

What is Global Business?

Today's businesses need people who can develop strategies for operating in a global environment. Global Business involves an in-depth study of how business is conducted in an international marketplace. Students discover the global aspects that affect the functional areas of business. Then, they explore how these practices are carried out in a worldwide market.

What type of career can I look forward to with a Global Business degree?

When they graduate, Global Business majors are prepared to take on management, financial or analyst positions in the international business marketplace.

Some specific Global Business career opportunities include:

  • Global Business Analyst
  • Global Publications Manager
  • International Management Trainee
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Global Procurement Director
  • Global Business Development Manager
  • Global Corporate Quality Engineer

What makes Walsh's Global Business program unique?

  • Real-world experience. Learning goes beyond the classroom with experiential learning. In the third and fourth year of study, Global Business students receive first-hand experience by working directly with professionals in the industry.
  • Responsible best-practices. We ensure that ethical, social, moral and personal responsibility is the focal point of our coursework and embedded in our students' classroom and experiential learning.
  • Global understanding. Our courses recognize the impact of operating in a global environment and its effect on an organization's success and ultimate sustainability.
  • Integrated Curriculum. We established principles for each major, and these become themes that are carried out and reiterated through the curriculum and any experiential experiences. It's part of our effort to help students retain what they're learning and to offer them a foundation to draw upon throughout their collegiate career and beyond.

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take?

All Global Business majors, like other business majors, need to take a required core group of business classes, including accounting, finance, general management, marketing and information management and analysis.

Students also are required to select several other economic or government and foreign affairs courses that focus on specific economic, legal and political aspects of the global marketplace.

Additional Global Business related courses include:

  • E-Commerce in a Global Environment
  • Global Finance
  • Global Marketing and Communications
  • Global Management and Culture

What experiential learning or internship opportunities are available?

Walsh global business students have hands-on learning experience opportunities through internships and study abroad programs. Read more about these experiential global business opportunities.

Whom can I contact for more information?

Carole Mount, Interim Dean, School of Business