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Government & Foreign Affairs Major

What is a Government and Foreign Affairs Major?

Government and Foreign Affairs major involves domestic and international political activities. This includes diplomatic work, building and maintaining international relationships, and activities in U.S. federal, state and local government.

What type of career can I look forward to with a Government and Foreign Affairs degree?

Walsh's major is designed to give a specialized political foundation to those planning to enter domestic or foreign government services, education, research, or those planning to attend graduate school or enter politics.

Some specific career opportunities include:

  • Electoral/Campaign Politics
  • Foreign Services
  • Local, State and National Government Service
  • Law Enforcement
  • City and County Management
  • Community Planning
  • Legal Profession

What makes Walsh's Government and Foreign Affairs major unique?

  • Strong Political Foundation. Students gain an understanding of American and global political systems, as well as political theory.
  • Global Perspective. Students learn how the global political atmosphere influences American life and government.

In addition, students have the option to enroll in Walsh's new 4+1 Program for non-business majors who would like to supplement their bachelor's degree with an MBA. Through the program, students simultaneously earn undergraduate and graduate credit for Walsh's MBA Prep Series courses, saving both time and money as students pursue their advanced degree. 

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take?

Since history shapes political systems, Government and Foreign Affairs students also take a selected amount of history courses. Additional major-related classes include:

  • American Government
  • International Politics
  • Political Thought

What experiential learning or internship opportunities are available with a Foreign Affairs and Government Major?

Students can apply for optional internships within a department of local, state or national government.There also are opportunities to work and learn in Washington D.C. through the Washington Center.

Who can I contact for more information?

Dr. Mark Rogers, Chair, Division of Humanities
(330) 490-7154

Alumni Profile

Kristen Cady

Kristen Cady Senk

Job Title: Associate Attorney

Place of Employment: Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan, and Aronoff

Major: Government and Foreign Affairs

Graduation Year: 2007

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