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Division of Humanities

Our faculty train students to be able to adapt and respond to challenges, to effectively analyze and create solutions for problems, and to exercise not only sound, but also moral and ethical judgments. Graduates from our programs in the Division of Humanities have flourished in business, government and in the non-profit sector. Many of our graduates have successfully pursued graduate education in law, public policy and business administration.

Students can earn a bachelor's degree in the following majors:

  • Communication- A flexible, pre-professional program designed to allow students to pursue their interest in three tracks: Advertising & Public Relations, Broadcast Communication and Print Journalism.
  • Corporate Communication- Designed to prepare students to work as communication professionals in a business setting. The curriculum includes a mixture of communication and business courses, which stress both practical skills and a critical understanding of the role of communication in the business environment.
  • Corporate Communication Accelerated Degree - This option is available through Walsh's School for Professional Studies and is features evening and weekend classes to meet the needs of busy, working adults. 
  • Digital Media - This major is is designed to give students the critical thinking and technical skills needed for producing digital media content and distributing that content across multiple platforms. 
  • General Studies - Students design their own curriculum within the University's guidelines. General Studies majors will choose three major disciplines of study and must complete 12 credit hours in each area
  • Government and Foreign Affairs – Providing an understanding of the American and global political systems, as well as political theory.
  • Graphic Design - Pre-professional program that works to prepare our students to pursue careers in visual communication design professions.
  • History- Encourages students to analyze history from political, economic, social and intellectual perspectives.
  • International RelationsEmphasizing the interaction of politics, economics and history in global affairs.

Minors are available in:

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Alumni Profile

Zachary Distel

Zachary Distel

Job Title: University of Louisville Graduate School

Place of Employment: I am currently attending the University of Louisville, double majoring in Public Administration- Non-Profit and Art History- Critical and Curatorial S

Major: History and Museum Studies

Graduation Year: 2010

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