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CCSA London Winter Program

Use the city of London as a resource and classroom as you explore the forces responsible for bringing to a close the modern age and the development of the current post-modern worldview.

This program is operated through the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA). Applications are available on the CCSA website.

CCSA London Winter Program

BUS 360 - Management in a Global Environment (H1/DV)

December 26, 2014 - January 8, 2015
(Apply at ccsa.studioabroad.com by Sept. 12, 2014 to receive a $100 credit on the program fee)

Experience global business firsthand in one of the world's great centers of multicultural commerce! Become immersed in the global economy and gain understanding of the influence of the European Union and the impact this has for business in the United Kingdom. Professor Karen Stock is the faculty leader for this course.

For more information, download a program flyer or contact Rachel Hosler (rhosler@walsh.edu), Professor Karen Stock (kstock@walsh.edu) or Dr. Mark Rogers (mrogers@walsh.edu). 

CCSA London Winter Program
HIST 215/315 (t1 or H2B) The City in History
December 26, 2014 - January 8, 2015
(Apply at ccsa.studioabroad.com by Sept. 12, 2014 to receive a $100 credit on the program fee)

The words "civilization" and "city" have the same roots. The city is fundamental to human political, economic, social and cultural history. Led by Dr. Doug Palmer, this course examines the roles of cities in shaping history and how cities are shaped by history events. This course is only offered as a global learning option.

For more information, download a program flyer or contact Rachel Hosler (rhosler@walsh.edu).