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Math Program

What is Math?

Mathematics is a field of study that examines the applications of numbers and calculations. Mathematical findings act as models to describe and understand the real trends and occurrences in everyday life.

What kind of career can I look forward to with a Math degree?

A math major can graduate and enroll in graduate programs for further education or enter career fields such as biostatistics. They also can earn positions as actuaries - financial advisors who analyze risks for businesses and individuals - and as educators.

What makes Walsh's Math major unique?

  • Education from Experienced Professionals. Our instructors have significant experience within the mathematical field, and they bring this expertise to every class they teach.
  • Focus on Practicality. We believe students learn best by doing. Our hands-on courses focus on the theories and applications that companies use on a daily basis. This focus enhances our students' marketability and preparedness for their future careers.

Generally speaking, what courses in Walsh University's Math program will I need to take?

Primarily Math courses with three hours of Computer Science courses. Some specific classes include:

  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability and Statistical Inference
  • Modern Analysis
  • Modern Algebra
  • Computer Science

Whom can I contact for more information about a math degree?

Dr. Kai Brunkalla, Associate Professor Mathematics
(330) 490-7240