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MBA Marketing Program

The MBA Marketing program combines the traditional area of marketing communications with e-commerce and other emerging social marketing opportunities to provide an understanding of the role and importance of the media and technology in forming a unique focus. This MBA marketing coursework prepares professionals to foresee changes in the marketplace and enable them to develop strategic and customer focused approaches in current and emerging businesses.

In addition to the MBA core requirements, students in the Marketing specialty must also complete:

MBA Marketing Degree Requirements

Consist of 18 credit hours of core requirements, five (5) specialty courses and 1 elective course of 3 credit hours each (18 credit hours) as follows:

MBA 681 Business Conditions 3 credit hrs.
MBA 741 Marketing Research 3 credit hrs.
MBA 742 Integrated Marketing Communications 3 credit hrs.
MBA 743 Social Media Marketing 3 credit hrs.
MBA 759 Marketing Strategy (Capstone) 3 credit hrs.
MBA 761 Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3 credit hrs.
MBA 744 Services Marketing 3 credit hrs.
MBA 683 Non-Profit Accounting 3 credit hrs.

For more information, please contact:

Mona McAuliffe
Graduate Admissions Counselor

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