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Ohio Physical Therapy Degree

A Message From the Chair

Dear Potential Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Walsh University. Your interest signifies your quest for quality and opportunity. The faculty and physical therapy team are confident that you will find these at Walsh University; a truly extraordinary place. We define our extraordinary nature as the "Walsh Difference".

What is the "Walsh Difference"?. It is a distinction that is both intangible and tangible. The intangible elements are those that bind us to the mission of Walsh University. We are a proud Catholic Institution in which the faculty, students and staff all walk, talk and live the spirit that was created over 50 years ago by the founders of the University, the Brothers of Christian Instruction. This overarching focus on character and service are elements that the Doctor of Physical Therapy program excels in today.

The tangible elements include small class sizes, stellar teaching, exceptional clinical partnerships, strong relationships with faculty members, state of the art facilities, and measurable scholarly successes by both the students and the faculty. Our division publishes and presents scholarship at a level well beyond the national average. In the last three years, our students have published 19 peer reviewed papers, contibuted to 10 book chapters, and have presented over 30 posters or platform presentations, both at the state and national level, including 2 award winning presentations at the state conference. We are proud of our sophistication, which we feel is at an incomparable level compared to other small institutions.

The fully accredited doctoral degree qualifies every graduate to apply for the licensure exam in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the District of Columbia. This degree provides graduates with exceptional career opportunities in a rapidly growing profession. We have 100% success rate on job placement for our graduates since 1999 and our graduates are routinely offered multiple positions upon the completion of the program.

We invite you to visit or talk with our admissions counselors, office managers, and faculty, who are here to assist you in making the decision that is right for you. You are encouraged to learn about our mission and what we have to offer. We also encourage you to thoroughly compare our program to other DPT programs around the country. I am sure you will find that we live our mission, have a primary concern for student competence and professionalism, and demonstrate scholarship focused on making a difference in the practice of physical therapy.

Chair and Professor
(330) 490-7370 or ccook@walsh.edu



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