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Walsh University Placement Testing

Please complete the placement test 2 weeks prior to your orientation day. Please take the placement test only one time. The first test result will be used for placement.

Foreign Languge Placement

To complete the WebCAPE written test:

  • Please take the test seriously, as it determines your starting point in foreign language.
  • Complete placement test in a quiet location.
  • Allow 45 minutes to complete.

If you do not complete the placement testing prior to orientation, this may delay completion of your schedule.

  • Only complete the placement test for the language studied in high school. (Kate completed 3 years of Spanish in high school. Kate would complete the Spanish placement test.)
  • If no language was studied in high school, then no foreign language placement test is required. Student would choose a foreign language and start at 101 level , selecting from our offerings in Arabic, American Sign Language, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Foreign language placement testing is only offered in French, German, and Spanish. If another language was completed in high school, student will be placed accordingly.




The following languages are not offered as courses at Walsh, but students may take the placement test to receive placement credit for the foreign language requirement.



Pre-Nursing Chemistry Placement

All Walsh University Pre-Nursing students are required to take this chemistry placement test prior to your orientation day during the summer. This assessment is designed to help us place you into one of two chemistry course for the pre-nursing program. Historically, proper placement significantly increases your chances of success in chemistry and ultimately in the Walsh University nursing program. All of the online questions must be answered and you have the opportunity to go back and review your work before submission. Not completing this test as required will delay your scheduling process. To start the test, download the periodic table (pdf) below and click on the Pre-Nursing Chemistry Placement Exam link below.