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Professional Advising

At Walsh University, the purpose of advising is to assist students in the development of their academic program, explain students' rights and options within the Walsh Community, and educate students in the their advisee responsibilities. Advisors work with advisees to achieve academic excellence by fostering critical thinking, effective communication, and growth opportunities.

Professional advisors are assigned by major.

To view your professional advisor assignment, please log in to the Cavalier Center.

  • Enter the Secure Area
  • Select Office of the Registrar
  • Academic Records
  • General Student Information 

Connie Lewis
La Mennais 129

Professional Advisor

  • Math
  • Science
Photo of Connie Lewis 

Brenda Fuller
La Mennais 129

Professional Advisor

  • Pre-Nursing
Photo of Brenda Fuller 

Richard Sweany
La Mennais 133

Professional Advisor

  • Undecided

Vey Wagner 
La Mennais 120

Director of Professional Advising

  • Business
Photo of Vey Wagner 

Pam Bichsel
La Mennais 134

Professional Advisor

  • Humanities
  • Social & Behavioral Science
  • Language & Letters
  • Business
 Photo of Pam Bichsel

Elise Schafer 
La Mennais 133

Professional Advisor

  • Theology
  • Education
  • Science
Photo of Elise Schafer 


Student athletes will also be assigned an Athletic Advisor:

Athletic Advisor Office Phone Number
Jack Carney PE 205 330-490-7423
Mike Bole PE 205 330-490-7422