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Rome & Jerusalem: The Clash of Civilizations

Date(s): Sep. 27, 2012 - Sep. 27, 2012
Event Time: 7 PM - 8:30 PM

Th e Walsh University Jewish/Catholic Studies Institute and the Walsh Theology Division invites the community to share in four special lectures which are part of the University course on Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash of Civilizations. From the syllabus:

"Rome and Jerusalem" takes the student back to the location of the beginnings of Christianity, both as a movement within the Jewish community of Judea in the first century C.E. and also as a distinct entity and religious development in the Roman world. The course will examine the fundamental confrontations and issues of Paganism vs. Monotheism as well as Faith vs. Secularism. Understanding the fundamentals of these basic drives which connect Body and Soul, the Present and Eternity and Tradition and Change should give the student the ability to reflect upon our world and this time...our contemporary issues, as an extension and continuation of the "clash of civilizations."

The series will include four evening lectures:

September 27
"Josephus and the Jewish Wars"
A special lecture by Dr. Christopher Seeman, Assistant Professor of Theology.

October 2
"Rome and the Ways of the Empire: From Augustus to Constantine"
A special lecture by Dr. Rachel Constance, Assistant Professor of History.

October 16
"Roman Religion and the Religion of the Jerusalem Temple"
A special lecture by Rabbi John Spitzer, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies.

October 30
"Jewish Rebellions and the Birth Pangs of the Rabbinic Judaism: Rabbis from the Rubble"
A special lecture by Rabbi Jon Adland, Temple of Israel.

All lectures are free and open to the public, and will be held in the Tower Theater of Wilkof Towers Residence Hall. For more information, email jspitzer@walsh.edu or download the program brochure.

*The Walsh University Lifelong Learning Academy encourages and recognizes the ongoing study of adults in our community by off ering stimulating and high level courses and experiences to the general community. Attendance records are kept for those desiring to participate and recognition is granted to those completing fifteen hours of study (a Scholar in the Academy), thirty hours (a Master in the Academy) and 45 hours (a Fellow in the Academy).

Please note: Th e Diocese of Youngstown Office of Religious Education has approved these sessions for up to six general hours toward religious education certification. Suggested texts may be ordered through the Walsh University Bookstore:

Rome and Jerusalem: The Clash of Ancient Civilizations by Martin Goodman, and Jerusalem, Jerusalem: How the Ancient City Ignited Our Modern World by James Carroll

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