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Rome Study Abroad

"All roads lead to Rome;" so the saying goes. The Walsh Rome Experience turns Rome, the Eternal City, into a literal classroom for the study of Italian language history, art, culture, literature and archaeology. Each morning begins with a class within Walsh's own beautiful campus in Castel Gandolfo, the town in which the Pope's summer palace is located. Following each class, however, the city itself is the textbook. For example, students study Cicero's speeches from the very Rostrum from which the great orator addressed the crowds, the history of Christianity in the shadows of Saint Peter's Basilica, and art by walking the streets of Renaissance Rome or by filling up water-bottles from one of Bernini's magnificent Baroque fountains.



If Rome were not enough, students also enjoy weekend excursions to Italy's other great cities. Whether looking at Renaissance paintings in Florence, relaxing on the beaches of Naples, exploring the ruins of ancient Pompeii, or floating in a gondola through the canals of Venice, the Rome Experience provides Walsh students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study through contact with the Rome of yesterday and today.


Museum Studies Experience - Summer 2015

May 8-May 21, 2015

(Apply by January 16, 2015 at walsh.abroadoffice.net)

Visit Rome, Pompeii, Florence and Paris discovering history and art with a unique look at some of Europe's most popular museums, archaeology sites and churches. Led by Dr. Katey Brown, this journey will take students through periods of art and historical cultures from 6th century BCE to the 21st century. 

For more information, download a program flyer or contact Rachel Hosler (rhosler@walsh.edu) or Dr. Katey Brown (ktbrown@walsh.edu). 

May 2015 Rome Experience

May 8-June 5, 2015

(Apply by January 16, 2015 at walsh.abroadoffice.net)

The Summer Rome Experience is an intensive program taking students through two 3-credit courses, two weekend excursions, and dozens of sites in just one month. In 2015, students will explore the foundations of democracy and use a problem-based approach to explore as an American citizen studying abroad.

For more information, download a program flyer or contact Rachel Hosler (rhosler@walsh.edu), Dr. Ron Scott (rscott@walsh.edu) or Dr. Brad Beach (bbeach@walsh.edu). 

Fall I 2015 Rome Experience 

August 14-October 9, 2015

(Apply at walsh.abroadoffice.net)

View Rome, Florence and Venice through the eyes of Michelangelo, Raphael, Bramante, and Titian. Explore and find Roman sources for Renaissance works of art and architecture as we consider the relationship between two pivotal periods in art history.

For more information, download a program flyer or contact Rachel Hosler (rhosler@walsh.edu) or Dr. Katey Brown (ktbrown@walsh.edu). 

Fall II 2015 Rome Experience - Business Majors Only

August 14-October 9, 2015 

(Apply by March 20, 2015 at walsh.abroadoffice.net)

Become a part of this once in a life time experience! This learning community will take an in depth look atmanagement and entrepreneurship in Rome, Italy. Engage in this unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of doing business in the European Union.

For more information, download a program flyer or contact Rachel Hosler (rhosler@walsh.edu) or Dr. Branko Bucar (bbucar@walsh.edu).