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Summer Special Courses

ENG403 Capstone Seminar in Comparative Literature:
Psychology and Literature: Hermann Hesse and Carl Jung

In this seminar, students will read and interpret 3 short novels by Hermann Hesse in light of the psychological ideas of Carl Jung. The novels will be Siddhartha; Steppenwolf; and Journey to the East. Hesse knew Jung and modelled these novels on Jungian ideas. The course will provide an introduction to Jung and practice in Jungian criticism. A goal of the course is to prepare students (beyond our seminar) to be able to employ Jungian thought in reading (and for education majors—teaching) other literary texts. The Jungian concepts the class will examine specifically are: the collective unconscious; archetypes of the collective unconscious; extraversion and introversion; the personality types; and synchronicity—all in relation to what Jung termed the individuation process.

Professor Dr. John Kandl will provide streamlined reading assignments in these concepts from the Jung text and from other writers—but students are strongly encouraged to range widely on their own through these texts as well as to research into other Jungian texts and to share their findings with the class.

Credits: 3
Dates: June 1-July 3, 2015