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Theology Program

What is Theology?

Theology is the study of faith. At Walsh, Theology students develop a Judeo-Christian Heritage perspective of God and his relationship to the world. Through this, they're able to respond to the questions about life in the 21st century in a critically reflective way.

What career opportunities are available with a Theology degree?

Our Theology graduates are prepared to move forward to pursue graduate and doctorate degrees after graduation to further their education. They also can find ministry positions in:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Religious Education
  • Mission Work
  • Health care Ministry
  • Campus Ministry Outreach
  • Pastoral Counseling

What makes Walsh's Theology major unique?

  • Diverse coursework. Our Theology program is rooted in a liberal arts core curriculum.
  • Supportive learning environments. Students learn in small classes using the most up-to-date educational technology in the industry. Caring professors, staff, administrators and career advisors are here to help Theology students throughout the course of their program.
  • Strong peer group identity

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take?

In addition to the core group of liberal arts classes, Theology majors also take the following:

  • Hebrew Biblical Heritage. Students will examine the Hebrew Scriptures to understand better the literary, social, historical, cultural and religious contexts in which they were written.
    Students also will learn about the relationship of the literary forms and the interpretation of the four sections that make up the Hebrew Scriptures: the Pentateuch and the Historical, Wisdom and Prophetic books.
  • Judeo-Christian Scriptures. This introductory course aims to provide an understanding of the Scriptures.
    Selected readings from the Scriptures are interpreted according to the historical-critical method in order to recapture their original intent.
  • Christian Moral Life. Consideration of moral issues in light of the Gospel
    Traditional notions of conscience, responsibility, authority, law and value are clarified through study and discussion of contemporary moral issues.

Whom can I contact for more information?

Rev. Patrick Manning, Ph.D., Chair of the Philosophy and Theology Division
(330) 244-4922

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Alumni Profile

Kathleen Roshak

Kathleen Roshak

Job Title: Family Services Coordinator

Place of Employment: Habitat for Humanity in Mobile, AL

Major: Theology and Communications

Graduation Year: 2008

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