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Troy Portis

2010 Walsh Graduate

Troy Portis



Year of Graduation:


Current Job Title:

Registered Nurse, Oncology Unit

Place of Employment:

Akron City Hospital

Why did you chose Walsh?

Well first and foremost, Walsh has one of the best nursing programs in the state of Ohio. That was a big draw for me. But I also loved the family-like environment.  I went to St. V's in Akron and understood the importance of having close contact with friends, and faculty and how that support system would help me through college. I was lucky because I've known I wanted to be a nurse since high school. My mother and father were really spiritual, and taught me that one of the ways we can show that Jesus lives in all of us he is being by being compassionate, helping others and caring for people. Nurses help people. It was a good fit for me.

Describe briefly what you do in your current job:

I work in the oncology unit at Akron City Hospital giving chemo and radiation treatments to cancer patients. My main focus is family center care. I encourage family members to come in and be part of the treatment, show lots of love and encouragement and provide a support system for the patient. Self esteem and attitude play such a big role in the recovery. It's as important as the treatment.  I feel that we're not just treating the cancer, we're treating the person.

How did Walsh prepare you for your current job?

Walsh led me by example. I saw on a day to day basis, my professors going above and beyond their responsibilities to help us. I could e-mail them at all times of the night. They had an open door policy. If I needed it, they would set up study sessions. They were always willing to help. I learned from that. I learned that your career is not just about a paycheck or working 9 to 5, it's about what I can do to help this person out. I wanted to pay it forward.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending Walsh University?

First and foremost, they WILL receive a tremendous education and be highly skilled and ready to enter the workforce. Education always comes first at Walsh. I would also say that if you want to be somewhere where you can develop close relationships, make friends, work with faculty, and grow as a person, come to Walsh because you'll be a lot more successful later in life when you have all these resources and can make the most of it while you're here.