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Walsh Launches New Chemistry Curriculum

What's New, 2013-09-09

In addition to adding several new undergraduate majors, this year Walsh also launched a redesigned chemistry curriculum that educates students on the opportunities available to chemistry majors beyond graduate school or careers in health care. During the first part of their studies, students learn the basics of what chemistry is. In the second half, they learn soft skill development. The emphasis of the program is preparing students to be functioning professionals in the field of chemistry.

Through chemistry career seminars, students participate in a career development program, the first year of which students learn about the industry and potential jobs. In their second year of study, students select three areas of interest and write a research paper discussing these. During their junior year, students choose of the three areas they studied the previous year and seek an internship in that field. According to Dr. Peter Tandler, associate professor of chemistry, the program is geared toward getting students to think and teaching them how to make educated choices.

Beyond that, Walsh has sought partnerships with more than 70 companies within a 150-mile radius of Walsh where students can gain real world experience. For instance, Walsh is working with the B&W Research Center in Barberton to incorporate work the center is doing into lab experience for students. Through these integrated labs, students are able to simulate work that is being done in the industry.

Upon completion of their degree, students also receive certification to show they are qualified to use necessary instruments. In addition to preparing students for job placement after graduation, Walsh has also implemented American Chemical Society (ACS) curriculum to prepare students for graduate school and the pursuit of a Ph.D. if they so choose.