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50 Years - 50 Stories

Over the past 50 years, nearlyten thousand students have passed through the doors of Walsh University with many shared experiences and memories. Some memories have become campus legends such as the Great Pumpkin Heist, Stumble Inn or "borrowing" cafeteria trays for sled riding. But some have become personal life lessons that have helped to shape our individual characters. As a part of our 50th anniversary celebration, we are sharing with you 50 of those stories. We hope that these memories help to personalize the growth and impact of Walsh's 50-year history.

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Brother Guy F. Roddy, FIC

Brother Guy F. Roddy, FIC
Director of the Brothers' Community

The First Day As I Remember It

Finally it was here, the first day, Thursday, November 17, 1960. It was cloudy and overcast, typical for November in Ohio, as I later learned. Young, nearly new, high school grads, began to mingle in the now unknown lobby at the east end of "college hall". All sixty-seven of us, some thirty-seven from Central Catholic High School. View more



Tiffany Smith

Tiffany Smith

A DREAM Come True

I was a junior at Washington High School when I got "the letter." I had no idea what it meant exactly and certainly didn't realize the impact it would have on my life. View more





Tadd Kruse

Tadd Kruse, Class of 1999

Four years after I graduated from Walsh University, I moved overseas to the United Kingdom to work at a US study abroad campus. I lead students on trips to fascinating and historic destinations throughout the UK and continental Europe. During several of my travels over the next couple of years and as part View more






Paul Wells

Paul Wells, Class of 1997

People Want to be Remembered

I have a number of great stories about Walsh University. In addition to providing me an education and a career (including my first job after college), Walsh has also supplied an education to my sister Erin, my brother Ted, and my brother-in-law Ryan Rish as well. The friends and colleagues that I have been fortunate enough to acquire View more




Jerry Armstrong

Jerry Armstrong, Class of 1977

Loose Shoes and Olympic Ties on Walsh's First Track Team

I can remember it as if it was yesterday and I still smile. I was rounding the turn in the 200 meters and I could feel my shoe start to loosen. It’s one of those things a runner is never prepared for. What do you do? Stop and retie your shoe or finish the race? I wasn’t about to let the guy next to me win. I could see the finish line up ahead and decided to hope for the best. With another step my shoe came flying off. I remember hoping that it wouldn’t hit anyone in the head View more



Father Matthew Merttna

Father Matthew Herttna

Harold Ziegler: Remembering Father Matthew Herttna

Several years ago I received a distressing phone call from my good friend Bud in Detroit, Michigan. He was calling to tell me my Goddaughter Molly, who was about 20 years old, was suddenly having serious mental problems and they didn’t know where to turn. Her parents were willing to pay whatever it would take to get her help, but after an exhausting search, they found that no doctor, no medication, no treatment, not even. View more



Peggy Fanelli Jakab

Peggy Fanelli Jakab, Class of 1976

Too many memories to narrow down

I still remember Sr. Helene, who always critiqued my education classes with the suggestion "to seek less flowing hairstyle and Mary-like clothing". Though I didn't take her fashion advice, her instruction helped me develop into a successful educator. I can't forget Marian Fuciu, who ran the snack bar. She was always ready to lend motherly advice. I still come to Canton to visit her. Walsh has grown into a beautiful university View more



Len Milazzo

Len Milazzo, Class of 1974

We weren’t a superstitious group. It just seemed like a fun thing to do.

That's really the reason why in 1973, Mark Miller and I vowed not to shave for the entire soccer season unless we lost a game. About midway through the semester, we both had a full beard. We were approached by Herb Drinnon, Walsh’s first full time theatre director who was casting for the play Becket and needed two medieval, bearded Knights for small roles in the production View more



Lois Digiacomo

Lois Digiacomo, Class of 1990

"Girls don’t go to college"

"Girls don’t go to college." Five words uttered by good, loving parents. But it was 1957, and whether it was actually finances or just a prevailing attitude that spawned them, it didn't matter. I listened. I married in 1961 and had five children by 1972. But in 1986, I decided to give college View more




Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, Class of 2008

Putting one foot in front of the other

During my freshman year at Walsh, I was rushing through the halls to take the first of three exams I had that week. I was panicking and running when I walked by an elderly gentlemen standing by the bookstore. As I walked by, I heard "Excuse me young man, could you help me?" I turned around and it was Brother Charlie. He explained he had issues walking and if I put my foot out in front of him, it would give him a target and it could get him walking again. The whole time... View more



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