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50 Years - 50 Stories

Over the past 50 years, nearlyten thousand students have passed through the doors of Walsh University with many shared experiences and memories. Some memories have become campus legends such as the Great Pumpkin Heist, Stumble Inn or "borrowing" cafeteria trays for sled riding. But some have become personal life lessons that have helped to shape our individual characters. As a part of our 50th anniversary celebration, we are sharing with you 50 of those stories. We hope that these memories help to personalize the growth and impact of Walsh's 50-year history.

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Michael Koluch

Michael Koluch, Class of 2001

If you want to convince the Dean of Students to sponsor a white water rafting trip, don’t begin the conversation with "Don’t worry Dale, no one is going to die."

When I first came to campus for a tour in 1997, Brother Charlie made a huge impression on me, especially since he was just being himself. It was at the beginning of our tour when he stopped and said he wanted me to meet two very important people on Walsh’s campus – the snack bar ladies... View more



The Deightons

The Deightons

In Loving Memory of Their Son Marc

After the passing of their son due to illness in 1998, Tom and Virginia Deighton began the Marc Deighton Scholarship Fund in his memory. For more than a decade, the scholarship has continued to grow and is awarded annually to a full-time psychology major with... View more





Linda Heinzer

Linda Heinzer, Class of 1969

Breaking Barriers

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Veronica Kennedy

Veronica Kennedy

The Perfect Afternoon for a "Lovely Chat" with Brother Power

The day I talked with Brother Power is one I will always remember. It was about a month ago, on a Monday. I had been walking with my friend, Bridgette Drockton, between classes when we decided to see if Brother Power was sitting in his usual spot. We had both met him briefly before. Sure enough, he was sitting on his porch in La Mennais that faces Giant Eagle. View more



Ralph Regula

Ralph Regula, Friend of Walsh University

An Abundant Harvest From Grassroots Efforts

More than fifty years ago, in the early 1960’s, I was enjoying a quiet morning, eating breakfast with my wife, Mary, on our farm just south of Canton. Taking a sip of coffee... View more



Brother Marcel Sylvestre, F.I.C.

Brother Marcel Sylvestre, F.I.C.
Brother of Christian Instruction

A Penny Saved Is Worth More Than a Penny Earned

In 1976, Walsh University experienced a major financial crisis that could have caused Walsh’s demise. We saw sinking enrollment and deficit spending. Though a number of local organizations came to our aid, there were no funds to pay salaries... View more



Gaetano M. Cecchini

Gaetano M. Cecchini, Friend of Walsh University

First Impressions Last a Lifetime

It was March 1975 and I had just flown in from Columbus to Canton. I was meeting an owner of five McDonald’s franchises to discuss a purchase agreement at the Top Chalet restaurant in Canton, which has been gone now for many years... View more


Ronald DeBarr

Ronald DeBarr, Class of 1999

Expanding Campus Borders

I first came to Walsh in the mid 1990’s. I originally took the road of "education through life experience" and moved to Berlin, Germany, just after high school. At 19, living in Berlin before the wall came down was a challenge... View more



Brittany Harmon

Brittany Harmon, Class of 1998

And the Last Shall Be the First

We had already gone on spring break thinking the basketball season was over. I was a senior so I knew this would be my last spring break and I was ready to make it a good one. We lost our game in the conference tournament to go to nationals and knew we hadn’t qualified. Then we got the call that changed everything... View more


Clay Moughiman, D.P.T.

Clay moughiman, D.P.T.

A New Frontier

When I look back on being one of the first students in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Walsh, I think I was shaped well by the faculty. They really preached professionalism. I had excellent experiences in the clinics and was able to treat some really great patients... View more


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