By Abigail Schad

Although the Brothers of Christian Instruction are not physically present on campus, their mission, ministry and legacy continue to live on at Walsh University.   In the lives of the students, the ministry and functioning of the chapels, and the overall faith of the campus, it is evident that the Brothers of Christian Instruction developed a strong foundation of Catholic Education.  Over the past year, there have been multiple events and opportunities for Walsh University to embrace the Brothers of Christian Instruction legacy that remains. 

schad.jpgOne way in which the Brothers’ mission is honored is by using their altar and tabernacle from their residence in La Mennais.  Both of these items are now used as a traveling altar and tabernacle for retreats and special events at Walsh University.  Having the opportunity to bring a piece of the Brothers’ faith and ministry with the University whether on campus or off campus.  It has been a blessing to embrace the roots of the faith and education built here, especially on retreats and off campus events. 

As the pandemic grew, Holy Mass was celebrated in the Birk Rehearsal Hall for a short time to allow for more space.  In here, a crucifix from the Brothers was hung and remains there.  Even though Walsh University can celebrate Holy Mass in the chapel now, it is significant to have this hanging in a place where students use the most vulnerable of God’s gifts – music and art!

Founders’ Week is something that will continue to live on as it demonstrates, celebrates, and remembers how Walsh University began.  This past year, campus ministry, along with others on campus, participated in a “Water to Wine” event in the Brothers’ kitchen.  Students and staff had the opportunity to share stories of the Brothers of Christian Instruction and the ways that their personal lives have been impacted.  Events like these used to be a weekly occurrence when the Brothers of Christian Instruction were on campus, so it was a nice walk down memory lane for those who participated, especially being in the same space the Brothers of Christian Instruction shared their meals.

While there are many other ways that the Brothers of Christian Instruction live on in the lives of those past and present at Walsh University, most recently, the monstrance used by the Brothers of Christian Instruction was refurbished and restored.  This monstrance will be used for adoration in the main chapel on campus.  Having the monstrance restored gives it the opportunity to continue to be used and share the legacy of the Brothers of Christian Instruction through one of the most intimate forms of prayer there is, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  The monstrance holds many memories, stories, and most importantly prayers from the Brothers of Christian Instruction which will now continue to be held close in the hearts of many students who never had the opportunity formally meet the Brothers of Christian Instruction, but still desire to make the name of Jesus Christ better known, loved and served – just as the Brothers of Christian Instruction set out to do!