Accelerated Nursing Program FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline?

Walsh University is on rolling admissions. However, applications are due by April 1 of the year in which you intend to begin the program. We require that you complete the necessary prerequisites prior to the program start date every May.

What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition is $500 per credit hour for both pre-requisites and nursing courses after being admitted into the program. This is nearly half off the normal credit hour rate for Walsh.

Am I required to complete my pre-requisite classes at Walsh?

You have the option of completing your pre-requisites at Walsh, transferring them in from previous college credit from an accredited school attended within the last 7 years, or completing the pre-requisites at another institution. Pre-requisite courses for the Accelerated BSN program are available at the $500 credit hour rate. 

Please check with your counselor prior to registering for a course at another institution to ensure it is equivalent to the prerequisite course at Walsh.  If you choose to take the prerequisites at a local community college, your grade in the courses must be a B or higher. If you choose to take the prerequisites at another institution, your grade must be a C or higher in order to transfer in as credit. Remember that your overall prerequisite GPA, as well as graduating GPA, needs to be a 2.75.

What type of financial aid is available?
  1. The most common form of funding is through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). By filing this form at, students who already have a degree can apply for additional funding.

  2. Some hospitals and local healthcare agencies will provide tuition assistance to students who agree to sign a contract to work for the agency subsequent to graduation. Contact your local agencies for further information.

Is the Accelerated BSN Program accredited?

The baccalaureate degree program in nursing, master’s degree program in nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Walsh University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

Can I have a job while enrolled in the Accelerated BSN Program?

This accelerated program is fairly intense. Some students have held part time or weekend jobs, however, it is not recommended.

At what hospitals will I be completing clinicals?

You will have clinicals at Aultman, Mercy, Akron-General, Akron-Children's, Summa System, and Robinson Memorial. Walsh also works with non-hospital agencies and will expose you to both nursing homes and the health department.

What are the average times of day that classes are offered?

Accelerated BSN course are typically offered during the day. Night courses are rarely offered.

How long does the program take to complete (not including prerequisites)?

The Accelerated BSN Program is four consecutive semesters in a sequence and 15 months in length.

When will I know about my acceptance into the program?

You will interview with the Byers School of Nursing Admissions Committee during your last semester of prerequisites. If you have already completed the necessary prerequisites, the Admissions Committee will contact you to set up your interview.