As data sources grow along with the computational capabilities to process them, capitalizing on the data has become fundamental to the success of organizations. Machine learning has become a pillar in supporting decision makers in organizations across multiple fields. Whether anticipating if a customer is going to churn, a machine is going to fail or identifying a disease in an image; machine learning use cases are proving more and more crucial.

With the volume of data growing at a tremendous rate, the modern workforce must be able to not only analyze the data but also leverage machine learning capabilities to enhance decision making. The ability to capitalize on the available computational capabilities to develop decision supporting systems in the workplace is now essential. The detailed report generated by the National Science Board in 2019 shows clear evidence of the need to upgrade the American workforce in technology, analytics, and communication skills if America is to remain competitive in global markets.

This course provides an overview of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and pattern recognition. Topics such as Supervised and Unsupervised learning will be covered to introduce participants to the different use cases of each.

The course will leverage case studies and applications to highlight how to properly apply learning algorithms to building smart solutions, text understanding, computer vision, data base mining and other areas.  Upon completion of this hands-on course, participants will build a machine learning model solution which will give them experience in data preparation, model selection and testing in order to apply their skills on real world problems.

Skills Include:

  • How to convert the business challenges into ML experiments.
  • How to determine which features are essential for the model.
  • How to determine which algorithms are best to start with and how to tune them.

The program will also reinforce skills to help participants communicate technical information to peers, management and/or other key stakeholders in a way that fosters collaboration and facilitates the adoption and integration of new data solutions within the workplace.

This course covers an overview of Artificial intelligence and a foundation of Machine Learning. The use cases will highlight how participants can use machine learning in their everyday business environments. The skills gained will allow the participants to formulate their business challenges into Machine Learning experiments. This will enhance the proficiency of the participants in identifying, formulating and testing potential solutions in their daily routines.