Graduates of Walsh University now include a community of more than 16,000 alumni from 34 countries and all 50 states. Since 1964, the Alumni Association has worked to maintain and strengthen relationships with alumni, while supporting the University and its initiatives. As our alumni base continually extends beyond the borders of our home state, the Alumni Association must also expand to meet the needs of a larger, more geographically diverse group. The Alumni Board will be governed by a Board of up to 24 Trustees. These trustees will serve a three-year term. The Board will meet two times per year with additional subcommittee meetings via conference call.

The purpose of the Alumni Board is to:

• Represent the interests of the alumni base to Walsh's administration
• Develop a more diverse alumni association
• Promote Walsh University in communities across the globe, which will enhance international visibility and reputation consistent with Walsh's excellent quality
• Strengthen connections between and among the University and its alumni
• Meet the needs of our growing alumni base


The Alumni Board will:

• Serve as an advisory board to the University's Alumni Office
• Advise on annual Outstanding Alumni Awards
• Coordinate events
• Assist with Cavs in the Community Day
• Help support the University's recruitment and fundraising efforts
• Contribute to the vision of the University and its outreach to alumni
• Facilitate the Alumni Scholarship process


If you are interested in becoming involved, have any questions, or would like to make a suggestion please contact the Alumni Office at or call 330-244-4943.

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