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Amy Gilmore - Class of 2018

Student Spotlight

At Walsh University, our students matter. Here's one student story to tell how. 

Photo of Amy GilmoreMy Walsh University experience has been diverse to say the least. As a student-athlete on the Soccer team, a double-major in Philosophy and Government & Foreign Affairs, and a member of the Blouin Global Scholars program, Walsh has provided me with a wide array of opportunities that I can’t imagine finding anywhere else.

Saying that my experience as a Blouin Global Scholar has impacted my life would be an understatement. It has provided me the opportunity to see the world through a new lens. I’m now aware of the systemic injustices that affect individuals around the globe. The multidisciplinary nature of the Blouin program has helped me develop into a more well-rounded student and thinker. More importantly, I’ve learned that humanity doesn’t have to be constrained by these injustices; we have the ability and an obligation to make positive change for a better world.

In the friends, mentors and professors that I’ve encountered at Walsh, I’ve found overwhelming kindness and unwavering support. I am so blessed to be part of a community filled with people dedicated in service to others. This atmosphere has shaped and inspired me to pursue my passions and to dream fearlessly.

In addition to my travels with the Blouin Scholars, I’ve spent time in Washington D.C., Sweden, and Chad working with iACT, a nonprofit organization providing humanitarian action to aid and empower those affected by mass atrocities in Darfur, Sudan through education and sport. I primarily work with iACT’s sports programs, including Darfur United and the Refugees United Soccer Academy (RUSA)—a place for refugee boys and girls living in refugee camps to learn about teamwork, leadership and peacebuilding—all while improving soccer skills, offering kids a safe space to play, heal and be empowered. I am currently in Chad training coaches and setting up new RUSA academies in the refugee camps. It has been an amazing experience thus far, and I am eager to share the stories of these individuals with the Walsh community!

Throughout this time, my professors and mentors have been incredibly helpful and flexible ensuring that I have a fruitful experience while also staying on top of my courses and post-graduate plans. I’ve been blessed with friends, mentors and professors who have offered guidance and unwavering support. I am incredibly grateful to be part of a community filled with people dedicated to service to others, both locally and globally. The atmosphere at Walsh has shaped and inspired me to pursue my passions and believe that we can make a difference.

In these four years, I’ve grown and matured as a student, as a teammate and as a global citizen. Beyond my classroom education, I’ve learned so much through my travels and participation on the soccer team, Student Government, and the Student Alumni Association. I feel ready and excited to pursue my plans for post-graduation, trusting that my time at Walsh has given me a strong foundation in education, leadership, and service- Go Cavs!