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Chris Himmelman

Class of 2018

Photo of Chris Himmelman, Class of 2018From the moment I arrived on the Walsh University campus, I was in love. Now, as I prepare to graduate in the spring, I can honestly say that Walsh is home for me.

I’ve made it my mission these past four years to get involved in everything I could. Participating in a wide variety of clubs and activities –everything from the Honors program to Marching Band, Business Club and more – helped me discover my key areas of interest.

It wasn’t until I came to Walsh that I learned I was really passionate about leadership programs and opportunities, which led me to pursue more and keep a pretty busy schedule. As a senior honors student majoring in marketing, I’m also Senate Chair for Walsh University Student Government and Vice President of the Student Alumni Association, with memberships on the University Programming Board and the DeVille School of Business Student Advisory Board. In addition, I’m currently the marketing lead for the Career Center and an intern in the Office of Alumni Relations.

During winter break 2016, I went to London with the DeVille School of Business where I took a business management course with Dr. Karen Stock. It was absolutely life changing and one of the best experience I have had at Walsh so far. It was fascinating to see how other areas of the world work. I loved seeing some of the history I had been reading about my entire life – such as the Rosetta Stone all my life, which was amazing. And how do you top New Year’s Eve in London? I can’t encourage students enough to take advantage of a Global Learning trip. It is so worth the time and energy.

These experience and the caring environment at Walsh have really helped me develop as a professional. I have become more selfless and caring about others. Walsh has instilled in me a sense of service and a sense of leadership, and I don’t think that this would have been the same if I hadn’t come to Walsh and gotten involved.

Beyond that, through my experiences at Walsh I’ve developed critical relationships that have helped me grow and mature personally and professionally. Not only relationships with faculty, staff and students, but professional connections as well. Through my involvement with the DeVille School of Business, I landed a summer internship at American Greetings.

I learned so much about the corporate culture and how to work in teams in that corporate setting. It was very rewarding. All the skills that I learned from the DeVille School of Business transferred well into my internship. Not just the curriculum I learned from a book in class but the soft skills too, like communication and work ethic.

As a result, I received a full-time job offer to return to American Greetings after graduation in May. It’s such a relief to enter my senior year already knowing my post-graduation plans. I don’t have to worry about that next step and can instead enjoy my last year of college and soak up everything it has to offer.