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Clinical Nurse Leader Program

Photo of nursing studentsThe Clinical Nurse Leader or CNL program prepares students for a fast-emerging nursing role developed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) in collaboration with leaders from the education and political arenas. The national movement to advance Clinical Nurse Leader programs is fueled by the critical need to improve the quality of patient care and better prepare nurses to thrive across the health care system. The CNL program was developed following research and discussion with stakeholder groups as a way to engage highly skilled clinicians as leaders in outcomes-based practice.

"In practice, the Clinical Nurse Leader oversees the care coordination of a distinct group of patients and actively provides direct patient care in complex situations, evaluating patient outcomes, assessing risks, and making decisions to change care plans when necessary. The Clinical Nurse Leader is a leader in the health care delivery system..."  -- American Association of Colleges of Nursing

At Walsh, the CNL program has been designed to allow working nurses to complete their degree with relative ease, on their own schedule.

The advantage of Walsh’s CNL program:
• Classes offered primarily online
• Small class sizes
• Caring professors, administrators and advisors

Foundation Courses (11 Credit Hours)        
NURS 600 - Theoretical Development of Nursing Science (3)     
NURS601 - Research Methods and Evidenced Based Practice (3)    
NURS603 - Professional Role Development & Ethical Issues (3)
NURS606 - Health Care Policy, Organization, and Financing (2)

Practice Application Courses (13 Credit Hours)
NURS605 - Epidemiological Methods for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (2)   
NURS610 - Advanced Pathophysiology (3)     
NURS612 - Advanced Pharmacology  (3)
NURS618 - Health Informatics (2)      
NURS614 - Advanced Health Assessment  (3)

Expert Knowledge: (12 Credit Hours)
NURS620 - Clinical Leadership I (50 clinical hours)  (3)   
NURS621 - Clinical Leadership II  (100 clinical hours)   (3)  
NURS625 - Clinical Immersion Project (300 clinical hours)  (6)   

Total Credit Hours: 36
Total Clinical Hours: 450

* Health informatics requires project time
**Health Assessment requires lab time

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