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Brian R. Corbin




One Hundred Years: Catholic Charities USA, 1910-2010; Chairman, Editorial Board, Catholic Charities USA, producing an academic research book (2010), a popular history book (2009), an oral history project (2009), and a multi-media presentation (2010).

Catholic Identity and Corporate Governance of Catholic Charities Institutions, Chairman, Editorial Board and Committee of the Board of Trustees, Catholic Charities USA, publication forthcoming in 2008.

Code of Ethics, Catholic Charities USA,September 2007, Chairman, Catholic Charities USA Code of Ethics Committee.


Web Master/Manager, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Youngstown.www.catholiccharitiesyoungstowndiocese.org.

Managing Editor and Host, "Cry of the Poor," a series of 13 television shows on the Church's domestic and global response to poverty and human development, Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown, 2001.

Managing Editor and Host, "Toward the Great Jubilee," a series of 27 television shows on the Second Vatican Council, Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown, 1997-1998.

Managing Editor and Host, "Focus on Life," a series of 20 television shows on social, medical and political ethics and issues, Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown, 1995-1996.

Producer, "Catholic Charities: Emerging Ministries," a twenty minute video on emerging ministries and services of Catholic Charities, Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown, May 1996.

Commentator, WINESKINS, on a monthly basis provide commentary on social and medical issues from a Catholic perspective, Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown, 1988-present.


“To Work Is to Pray: Faith and Working Class Resilience,” New Labor Forum, Volume 20, Issue 1, Winter 2011, pp. 109-113.

Book Review, "Politics and Faith,"New Labor Review, Volume 17, Issue 1, Spring 2008, pp. 141-148.

"Routine Testing for HIV in the general population and pregnant women: A Catholic Moral Analysis"submitted to The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.

"Making Global Solidarity Local,"Health Progress: Official Journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, vol. 87, no. 4, July-August 2006, pp. 37-41.

 Book Review, "Of Little Faith: The Politics of George W. Bush's Faith-Based Initiatives,"Religion and Politics Newsletter, Volume XXI, No. 1, Fall 2004, pp. 5-7.

 "Catholic Identity and Institutional Practice: A Case Study of Catholic Charities of Youngstown, OH,"in Charities USA, Volume 31, Number 2, Second Quarter 2004, pp. 11-14.

 Book Review, "The Newer Deal: Social Work and Religion in Partnership,"Social Thought: Journal of Religion in the Social Services, The Haworth Press, (The Catholic University of America), vol. 21, no. 1, 2002, pp. 93-95.

 "A Necessary Partnership to Survive,"Case Study, in Ethics Case Study Manual, University of San Francisco Press, 2001.

 "Labor and the Catholic Church: Opportunities for Coalitions,"with John Russo, Working USA, July/August 1999, pp. 79-89.

 "Work; Organized Labor; and the Catholic Church: Boundaries and Opportunities for Community/Labor Coalitions,"with John Russo, in edited book, Bruce Nissen,Which Direction for Organized Labor ? Essays on Organizing, Outreach, and Internal Transformations, (Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1999), pp.95-111.

 "Outward Signs.' Catholic Identity,"Charities USA, volume 25, no. 1, First Quarter; 1998, pp.10-12.

 "Webs of Activity: Youngstown Catholic Charities Supports Various Community-Based Efforts,"Catholic Charities USA, vol. 24, no. 2, Second Quarter 1997, pp. 13, 35.

  "Community Based Research: Applying Social Science Survey to Community Housing Planning;"co-authored with Robert Weaver and James Converse, in Journal of AppliedSociology vol.12, no.2, Winter 1995, pp.30-48.

 Contributor; "Environmental Resource Book,"United States Catholic Conference,1995.

 "Values and Public Policy "Book Review, Policy Currents, Volume 4, Number 2, May 1994.

 "A System of Interpretation. Catholic Social Teaching and American Unionism,"with John Russo, Conflict, Volume 11, 1991, pp. 237-266.

 "Unfinished Business: Community Economic Development and the US Catholic Bishops' Economic Pastoral,"Social Thought Vol. XV, No.2, Spring 1989.

 "Economic Architecture -- Family Style, "Family Perspective, April 1989.

 "Economic Recovery in Youngstown, Ohio,"OccasionalPapers LCWR, Vol.15, No.3, October; 1988.

 "Option for the Poor:The Diocese of Youngstown and Economic Justice,"WorkingforEconomicJustice, USCC, April 1988.

 "Communal Ethics and Political Theory: Latin American Liberation Theology,"Working Paper; MIT Department of Political Science, 1986.

 "United States and Latin American Relations: The Role of the United States Catholic Conference,"Working Paper; MIT August 1985.

 "The Social Teachings of the Latin American Episcopal Conferences,"Working Paper, UUSC, June 1985.

 "Disarming the Heart, "1983,Center of Concern, multi-media program, co-producer.

 Various articles in THE CATHOLIC EXPONENT, the official newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown and in THE VINDICATOR (Youngstown, OH).



 "Catholic Identity of a Catholic Business School: How Does One Teach Catholic Social Teachings in Business School," joint paper with Therese Maskulka for Business Education at Catholic Universities:

The Role of Mission-Driven Business Schools, The 7th International Conference on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education, University of Notre Dame June 11-13, 2008, Notre Dame, Indiana.

 "The Catholic Charities USA Code of Ethics: Theological and Ethical Foundations,"Catholic Charities USA Annual Meeting, September 16, 2007, Cincinnati, Ohio.

 "Basic Social Teachings of the Catholic Church,"Ohio Catholic Education Association, October 13, 2005, Columbus, OH.

 "Catholic Charities and Catholic Campaign for Human Development: Collaboration and Partnership,"workshop at Catholic Charities USA Annual Meeting, September 16, 2005, Phoenix, AZ.

 "Catholic Partnerships: Inter-Agency Collaborations," Social Ministries Annual National Gathering, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, February 24, 2004, Washington, DC.

 "Catholic Charities Agencies and Empowerment Projects: The Case of Housing Trust Funds and Employee Owned Social Enterprises,"Catholic Charities USA National Convention, September 13, 2003, Detroit, MI.

 Board and Staff Trainings: "Scriptural Foundations for the Principles of Catholic Social Teachings and the Spirituality of Hospitality,"Catholic Charities staff and board, Monroe County, Archdiocese of Detroit, MI, February 18-19, 2005; Catholic Charities executive staff, Diocese of Albany, NY, October 21, 2004; Diocese of Youngstown Catholic Charities Staff Day, August 23, 2001.

 "Role of Non-Profit Religious Organizations in the Privatization of Social Welfare Services,"presentation to the Non-Governmental Organizations Program, University of Pittsburgh, November 13, 2000.

 "Applying the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services in Strategic Alliances Developed by Catholic Charities Agencies,"Presentation to the "Best Practices Conference" of the Catholic Conference of Ohio, November 8, 1999.

 "Doing the Hard Things: Dilemmas Between Policy and Practice,"Workshop, Catholic Charities USA Meeting of Directors and Administrators, Atlanta, GA, May 3, 1998.

 "Issues in Contemporary Working Class Housing," Workshop, Youngstown State University, Center for Working Class Studies National Conference, Youngstown, OH, June 19, 1997.

 "Catholic Social Teachings and Health Care Social Policy,"HM Health Services, Board Retreat, May 1997.

 "Catholic Identity and Catholic Charities Leadership,"Catholic Charities Region H Gathering, Oklahoma City, May 30, 1996.

 "Covenant and Stewardship: A Catholic Consistent Ethic of Life,"HM Health Services Conference for Physicians, May 1 6, 1996.

 "Catholic Health Care Ethics: A Diocesan Perspective,"Ancilla Systems, Chicago, IL, March 6, 1996.

 "What Do Workers Want: Ethical and Moral Reflections on Labor;"Youngstown State University, June 6, 1995.

 "Catholic Charities, Economic Development and Worker Ownership,"National Meeting of Catholic Charities and United States Catholic Conference, February 22, 1991.

 "Community Based Economic Development: The Church as An Actor;"National Conference on Economic Development, Midwest Center for Labor Research, May 5, 1990.