5 Critical Conversations

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We Ask Parents to Have with Your Son/Daughter

Whether your student is preparing for their Freshman Year at Walsh University, preparing to transfer into Walsh University, or you are seeking a touchstone to help your family develop a plan to succeed with a difficult situation, we strongly encourage you to read the document, "Five Critical Conversations We Ask Parents to have with Your Son/Daughter."

The information in this document highlights the importance regarding the following five critical conversation that will set you and your students up to succeed at Walsh University:

  1. Personal Values and Decision Making
  2. Developing Life-Long Learners
  3. Expectations About Alcohol and Marijuana
  4. Academic Performance
  5. Making Connections 

Please know our support and commitment to your student is given freely, but it is important to recognize that student grades and other rewards are earned.  We ask parents to join us in encouraging, educating and coaching students with issues involving their personal development.  

Another valuable resource, "Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health," can assist parents in creating a dialogue about mental health issues with their children. It is provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and The Jed Foundation.