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Welcome to Walsh!

A Message from Amy Malaska, Vice President of Student Affairs

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you into the Walsh University community. You will find that you have embarked on a journey which will provide ample opportunities for growth and development and that all of us here at Walsh want to help and support you in your efforts. A university is a place where scholars of different backgrounds and expertise come together to engage in healthy, meaningful discourse. Inherent in this environment is the notion that well-meaning people will disagree, sometimes passionately, over important issues and events. This disagreement is at the heart of the educational endeavor and should be viewed as a positive, needed process, one which leads to a greater understanding of truth. Only when this discourse takes on a personal element does it become hurtful and counterproductive to the mission of the university. As students, you have the ability to affect this environment by challenging each of the educators and mentors that you encounter on your journey. Whether they be faculty, administrators, coaches, even other students and support staff, each interaction you have will carry with it an opportunity for growth. All too often we let this precious chance for development pass us by with a quaint remark about the weather or a passing "Hi," with eyes cast to the side. It is with the true spirit of a university community that I challenge you to become a truly active member of the Walsh community, an empowered participant in your education. I ask you to read the mission statement, to respect the values espoused therein, and to challenge us to represent those values in our daily actions and decisions. We in turn will ask you to be a valuable member of our community and to take your education seriously. There is much to learn, so let's get busy together. Again, welcome to Walsh. I look forward to meeting you on your journey.