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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers were generated by our PT students in order to help prospective applicants.

What's it like going to school at Walsh for PT?

Going to school at Walsh for physical therapy has been a great experience so far. The faculty and staff at Walsh are very nice and are very interested in the success of the students in the program. The facilities have just been renovated and are very nice. There is a great sense of friendship among all the students in the classes and many students hang out with each other outside of class. As with other doctorate level educational programs the curriculum is an intense program that requires a large amount of studying outside of the classroom but the sense of accomplishment that you get from the program is great.

What should I expect when I get there?

Classes at Walsh are intense but rewarding. In the first few semesters of PT school, you will be surprised by the amount that you learn in such a short period of time. You should expect to work hard but have a great experience in a professional atmosphere with other students who will become your best friends throughout the 8 semesters at Walsh.

What's your schedule like?

The physical therapy class schedule changes each semester. In general, classes may typically be from 8:30 or 9:00 am to 3:30 or even as late as 5:00 pm depending on the day. There is typically one hour each day devoted to lunch. As you get further into the curriculum there may be days where there are no classes.

Can you work an outside job while going to school?

Yes. You can work an outside job while in PT school. Obviously the ability to do this depends on each student and the amount of studying that each individual needs to do. In general it is recommended to work only 10-15 hours each week but some individuals work 20 or more hours. The graduate assistant positions in the physical therapy department are a good way to get some work in as well as be more active in the department and even learn more than otherwise possible.

Is there Graduate Assistantships available for the program?

Yes, at this point the graduate assistance positions are granted to two individuals who apply for the position and through short interviews with a faculty member are deemed qualified to fill these positions. There is a monthly stipend as well as a small amount of tuition remission for each individual in this position. This position is a great way to work about 10 hours each week, make some money, and help faculty and staff in the physical therapy division. Much of the work done by the GAs is helping with the smooth running of the division. Grad assistants also help with interviews of prospective students, faculty research, and keeping the facilities in working order.

Where do you live? Is there Graduate housing and what if I need a roommate?

Many students in the program live with other students in their class in Canton or North Canton. Some students however live with either their spouse/ significant other or their parents and may live up to an hour away from Walsh and commute every day. There are many apartments and houses in Canton and North Canton which are available to rent or even buy. There is housing on campus which is available to graduate students but it is not usually taken advantage of due to higher costs than renting an apartment in the area. If you are looking for a potential roommate you can contact Pat Crum (pcrum@walsh.edu) ask if there are any other students looking for housing. She will be able to help you get in contact with other students.

Is there any kind of dress code for the program?

Yes, the dress code is professional dress. This includes khakis or dress pants and button up shirts or polo shirts. Dress shoes or athletic shoes can be worn but must be clean. There are days during which students are able to wear lab clothes so that lab activities can be done. For these times shorts and t-shirts are appropriate.

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