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Doctorate of Physical Therapy Tuition

Estimated Expenses: 2015-2016

Application Through PTCAS System

$140 base fee paid directly to PTCAS System

Physical Therapy Program Tuition

$721 per credit hour, or appx. $9,915 per semester

Student Liability Insurance (One time fee)


Lab Fee (One time fee)


Books (estimated for total program)


Lab coat (One time fee)

Appx. $28

Examination Prep Course

  Text (Optional but highly recommended)

  Flashcards (Optional but highly recommended)




APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) Student Membership (per year), (Optional, but highly recommended)


Graduation Fees (One time fee)


Parking Fee (per semester)


Transcript Fee

No Fee


If accepted, students remit a $500 non-refundable payment to hold their place. This payment is applied to the physical therapy school tuition. Students are responsible for all graduate school costs associated with the professional experiences in semesters III, V, and VI, including room & board and transportation. These experiences may be out of town and out of state.The Student Services Center at Walsh University (330- 490-7147) can provide information regarding availability of an educational loan.

Withdrawal Policy

Registration for classes creates a contract for payment of tuition, fees, and charges. A student choosing to terminate this contract with Walsh University must officially withdraw during the first 6 business days from the first day of class within any part of the term in the fall, spring or summer semester. Failure to officially withdraw within this refund period obligates the student to pay all charges in full. Withdrawal must be made in writing through the Student Service Center. Nonattendance to class or notification to a professor does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Withdrawal on or before the sixth business day will cancel all financial obligations to the University.

  • Six (6) business days or earlier ...........................100% of tuition
  • Seven (7) business days or later ........................ no refund

If a student withdraws from the University beyond the withdrawal date and therefore does not receive an adjustment to tuition, the University may still be required to return a portion of the federal and/or state financial aid to the appropriate programs. Any balance created on the student's account as a result of this transaction is the responsibility of the student.

Students considering a withdrawal are encouraged to first consult with a financial aid advisor located in the Student Service Center.If a student withdraws or reduces the number of credit hours after the refund period for reasons beyond his or her control, a detailed letter may be submitted to the Fees and Charges Appeals Committee explaining the extenuating circumstances.

The University will not grant a refund of charges for any withdrawal or reduction in hours beyond the established deadline without an approval from the Fees and Charges Appeals Committee. Detailed appeal letters documenting the extenuating circumstances can be addressed to Walsh University, Fees and Appeals Committee, Finance Department, 2020 East Maple Street, North Canton, Ohio 44720.

Financial Assistance

Assistance is available to graduate students through application of Guaranteed Student Loans.

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