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The crazy crew

Don Caiazza

Don Caiazza - Class of 1967

During my years at Walsh, the guys I hung around with were affectionately labeled by others as the "Crazy Crew." We knew each other from playing grade school basketball at the Knights of Columbus in Canton, and after grade school we all met again at Central Catholic. Most of the "Crew" came from the Canton parochial school system with the exception of one who actually came from Brooklyn and who we met at Walsh. This group of guys were pretty talented when it came to sports, and although no one came off the high school varsity squads I always felt that some could have played at that level. Back in the old days at Walsh we won a few championships that are recorded in the year books. More than that though, we formed championship friendships that are still intact today. Every year I look forward to the annual Crazy Crew Christmas party that is held at Esbers because I know it will be a mini Walsh reunion with Gene Bressi, Gary Rinaldi, John Fehn, Jim Dimarzio, Dick Forte, Joe Hawkins, Bob Dasco, Dave Dobbins and Dick Tucker. In my time at Walsh, there is no question that Brother Conrad provided the guidance that has made the largest impact on my life. He gave our class public speaking assignments. You were permitted to pick the subject and use visual aids but we all had to make a presentation to the class. He would not allow us to laugh or ridicule each other because he knew we were all very uncomfortable. Afterwards he gave me a few pointers and told me that I did okay. He said if you know your subject and are prepared then the audience shouldn't be a problem for you. All through my career, that guidance came in handy. Presentations were frequent and never a problem. I wish I would have called him and thanked him for that.