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Education Degree Program

Walsh's education program is designed to nurture teacher candidates and empower them to serve their future students both in and out of the classroom.

What is Education?

For people who have a passion for learning, and would enjoy helping those in their formative educational years, the teaching profession is an excellent career path. Effective teachers look for the potential in all learners and find success in helping students succeed.

Walsh's Education major is a Teacher Preparation Program for students who have a desire to work in this field.


Why is Walsh's Education Degree Program Unique?

  • Multi-Faceted Approach.We built our program around three important principles: Judeo-Christian ideals, service learning and respect for diversity.
  • National Accreditation.Walsh's Teacher Preparation Program is accredited by the National Council of Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE). Each licensure program also is nationally accredited by its Specialized Professional Association (SPA), which creates teaching standards for specific content areas and grade levels.
  • Carefully Sequenced Classroom Experiences. Structured field and technology experiences, beginning with the first education course, get our students in the classroom for meaningful engagement with educators and P-12 students.
  • Student Teaching. Our seniors stay in the same school system for both their pre-clinical and clinical experiences.
  • Educational Best Practices. Students are exposed to a variety of teaching models, curriculum designs and diverse communities. This gives them a "toolbox" of best practice strategies they can draw from as a professional and allows them find solutions that are best suited for a particular setting and/or student.
  • Preparation for the Future. To provide our students with opportunities for service learning and field experience, we partner with community schools and programs. All of these experiences help build the knowledge and skills that students need as professionals in today's educational workforce. It also prepares them for Ohio's Resident Educator license and state examinations.

How does Walsh's program compare to other educator preparation programs in Ohio?

For information on Ohio Educator Performance Reports and Praxis II Licensure Data, please view Walsh's Teacher Education Performance Data webpage.

Generally speaking, what courses will I need to take for a Bachelor of Education degree?

All of our course objectives align with the Division of Education Candidate Proficiencies and Conceptual Framework, as well as the Ohio Educator Standards. (For specific course information, Curriculum Sheets are available for download through the Office of the Registrar.)

Our Education degree program's four core classes include:

  • School and Society
  • Individuals with Exceptionalities
  • Instructional Technology
  • Educational Psychology

Throughout the course of study, students also complete developmental and professional E-Portfolios. They start building these in their first education class and complete them in their final Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) seminar.