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Fall Special Courses

ENG402: Capstone Seminar in Major Authors of the British Isles 
Topic: Yeats and Modernist Mythology

Dr. John Kandl 
This seminar will explore the poetry, drama, and prose of the Irish poet W.B. Yeats, often touted as the most influential modern poet in English. We will highlight historical and cultural contexts, especially seeing Yeats in relation to his "Irish Renaissance" contemporaries such as James Joyce. But the course will focus primarily on Yeats, and ways in which Yeats drew upon Irish folklore, world mythology, and his personal mythological visions to create a poetic vision in response to the challenges of a modernist world view. The class will be composed of discussion and close-reading, and students will research, write, and present, seminar papers focused on mythological resonances in Yeats's work, guided by current critical work on Yeats, and by theories of myth via selections from works such as Hans Blumenberg's Work on Myth. 


LSJ 300 Social Change I: Social Movements

This course is the first in a two-course series on social change. Historical and contemporary social movements are used to illustrate and critically evaluate a range of sociological theories on collective behavior and social movements. Students study the development, maintenance and consequences of social movements. Examples of social movements used in the course include: The Coal Miners' Movement, Stonewall, Farmworkers Movement and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.
Prerequisites: Blouin Leaders, LSJ 200 and LSJ 250.