Frequently Asked Questions

Freshmen & Transfer Students  

Am I guaranteed housing as a freshman or transfer?

Housing has always been on a first-come, first-served basis based on occupancy limits, which is why we encourage students to make their deposits as soon as possible to secure their housing. 

Who do I need to contact about free housing? 

No need to contact us! Adjustments will automatically be processed for you.  

What if we’re not allowed back on campus by the first term in the fall?

The offer will be valid for the first 8-week term that residential students are permitted to live on campus. 


Current Students 

Do I have to re-register for fall classes based on the new 8-week term?

No. Your class schedule will be automatically adjusted to accommodate the new 8-week term and you will have a chance to review it prior to the start of the term. We will open registration if students need to make any changes. Students will be able to make changes through the Cavalier Center using their 5-digit Registration PIN. This PIN can be found through your advisor.

Am I still allowed to have a roommate?

Our readiness task force is developing guidelines that will be in coordination with local health officials to determine a safe protocol for residential living. As these details are finalized, we will advise Cav Nation. 

Will the 8-week terms affect the amount of financial aid I am receiving in any way?

As a general rule, no, as long as your course load remains the same. Your financial aid package was most likely based on a course load of at least 12 credit hours or more. Should there be a change (decrease) in the number of credit hours within the semester (two 8-week terms), your financial aid packaged must be reevaluated.

Will this new enrollment model affect how my financial aid will be disbursed?

In some cases, yes. For example, if you are a Pell Grant recipient, this federal grant will be disbursed incrementally each 8-week term to remain in compliance with federal regulations.

Can I request an appeal of my financial aid package?

If you are experiencing a significant financial disruption due to COVID-19, you may request a review of your current financial aid package. Additional documentation regarding your financial circumstance may be required.