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Family Nurse Practitioner

Photo of nursing studentAs part of Walsh University’s Master of Science in Nursing program, the new Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) track meets the health care needs of the family by providing the following services, particularly surrounding family self-care:

  • Health assessments 
  • Direct care
  • Guidance
  • Teaching
  • Counseling (as appropriate)

The FNP typically works collaboratively with family primary care physicians and other professionals within the health care system. In addition to conventional practice in an office, clinic or ambulatory care center, the FNP may follow families in a variety of settings such as school, home, workplace or hospital, depending on client need. Family Nurse Practitioners must be nationally certified in order to be called an advanced practice nurse.

Walsh University’s FNP program was developed with direct input from current nurse practitioners who told us what was most important in their education and what additional content would have been helpful. Clinical hour expectations were developed so that students who need to work may do so while still continuing to progress in the program.

In addition, the faculty looked at changes in health care to make sure our graduates not only can meet current demands but future demands as well. Thus, an emphasis on caring for clients with multiple chronic conditions and understanding the dynamics within the inter-professional workplace were included within the curriculum.

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Foundation Courses (11 Credit Hours)
NURS600 - Theoretical Development of Nursing Science (3)
NURS601 - Research Methods and Evidenced Based Practice (3)
NURS603 - Professional Role Development & Ethical Issues (3)
NURS606 - Health Care Policy, Organization, and Financing (2)

Practice Application Courses (23 Credit Hours)
NURS605 - Epidemiological Methods for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (2)
NURS610 - Advanced Pathophysiology (3)
NURS612 - Advanced Pharmacology (3)
NURS614 - Advanced Health Assessment (3)
NURS618 - Health Informatics (2)
NURS640 - Clinical Assessment & Management (3)
NURS642 - Clinical Pharmacology(3)
NURS644 - Dynamics of Family Nurse Practicing (2)
NURS646 - Legal Issues in Adv. Practice Nursing (1)
NURS648 - Interprofessional Collaboration (1)

Clinical Courses (29 Credit Hours)
NURS641 - FNP I: Care of the Adult & Gerontological Client (100 clinical hours) (6)
NURS643 - FNP II: Care of Children and Adolescents (125 clinical hours) (6)
NURS645 - FNP III: Care of Women (125 clinical hours) (6)
NURS647 - FNP IV: Care of Adults w/ Multiple Chronic Conditions (150 clinical hours) (6)
NURS649 - FNP V: Care of Families in Primary Care Settings (200 clinical hours) (5) 

Total Credit Hours: 63
Total Clinical Hours: 700

All courses are taught in a hybrid format that includes both online and face-to-face time. Health Assessment and Clinical Management courses require lab time. Health Informatics requires project time.

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