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First Year Institute and CAVS CORE

As a new student at Walsh University, we want to help you succeed from day one. The First Year Institute “F.Y.I.” course and Cavs Core Learning Community are programs designed to support you during your first semester at Walsh. It will help you develop essential academic skills, gain a sense of community with other first-year students, and become aware of resources available to you.

These courses are designed to help you:

  • Facilitate a successful transition to Walsh University
  • Develop a support network which includes faculty, peer mentors, and classmates
  • Understand your adjustment and integration into Walsh’s community
  • Receive assistance in your development of student learning
  • Connect further to academic and campus resources
  • Explore diversity within the Walsh academic community and the world at large
  • Be part of an atmosphere where you can critically evaluate and appreciate your place at Walsh and the world