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The Garage

Amazon. Apple. Disney. Google. Mattel. Each started in a garage.

Steve Jobs stands in front of the Los Altos garage where he and Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple.Now it's Your Turn

The names mentioned above are just a few of the world's most innovative and successful companies, and they just so happened to be founded in garages. With the creation of a new student-directed business incubator called The Garage, Walsh University students have the opportunity to develop the enterprising skills they require to be ready for the entrepreneurial, global, dynamic workplace of tomorrow. In addition, the space serves as the center for a rich annual roster of programming.

Programs will include:
  • A monthly forum or speaker series where regional thought leaders – entrepreneurs, artists, academics, etc. – will provide insight and challenge students to turn their ideas upside down to examine them from new perspectives.
  • Mentorship by community leaders, giving teams of students, or even individual students, experienced sounding boards as they develop their ideas, encouraging them when they are moving forward, challenging them when they get stuck.
  • A regular schedule of innovation challenges, whereby students will engage to solve problems or address issues in innovative ways.
  • Annual Entrepreneurship Week, which will include business plan competitions, speakers, and opportunities for hands-on learning.
Where is The Garage?

This hub for innovation was created out of an unused garage space at the St. Katharine Drexel House, located behind the Barrette Business and Community Center on the south end of campus. It's the brainchild of a group of enterprising Walsh students who envisioned a place where students can work together to discover new ways of solving age-old problems or develop a concept that addresses situations this ever-changing planet has yet to face.

Who can use The Garage?

Although the above programs will be open to the entire Walsh student body, entrance into The Garage will be limited. Students from all disciplines are invited to apply to the student board that coordinates use of the space. Once selected, students will be granted swipe-key access. 

 Additional information is available on The Garage's student-operated webpage