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Graduate School

There are many reasons to pursue a graduate education including:

  • The need for an advanced degree to enter your chosen profession
  • To increase your marketability 
  • To advance your career

Since the decision to attend graduate school requires careful planning, start the process early and take advantage of our many resources.

Considering Graduate School?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you prepared to commit to a career field?
  • Have you determined your long-range career and lifestyle goals?
  • Will the degree prepare you for a specific occupation or career field?
  • Are you comfortable with living the lifestyle of a student for a few more years?
  • Is it worth the financial investment?

While some individuals may consider graduate school as a way to temporarily delay career decisions, individuals who are apprehensive about entering the job market should carefully evaluate their decision to enter graduate school.

In some instances an advanced degree will increase your marketability, while in other instances additional work experience in your field will be more relevant. Graduate school is self-directed in nature, therefore a student who is not self-motivated and unsure of their goals will face a bigger challenge in successfully completing a graduate program.

If you think graduate school is the right choice for you, explore our other graduate school resources in this section.