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Estimated Graduate Expenses* 2015-2016

Tuition & Fees



MA in Theology

Application/Registration Fee

(Payable once upon application for admission to graduate courses; non-refundable, non-waivable.)



Tuition (per semester hour)



Auditing (per semester hour) 



Graduation Fee 



Parking Fee 




No Charge

No Charge

*Additional fees may be applied to specific courses, required projects, and assessment tools. Please contact your program of study for any additional fees. The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program's estimated expenses differ from other Walsh University graduate programs. Please contact the Division of Physical Therapy at (330) 490-7286 for information regarding program costs.

**Education Endorsement Courses: $285 per credit hour.


All discounts applicable to full-price Undergraduate and Graduate courses, ONLY. Courses offered at an already reduced price are not eligible for any discount.

Diocesan Discount

A 50% discount granted to full time employees of the Diocese. Diocesan employment required for each semester you apply for this discount. Acceptable documentation verifying employment includes a letter signed by your employer on your organization's letterhead or a copy of a current employment contract. Diocesan Discount does not apply to MA in Theology coursework, as this is already a discounted rate. 

Graduate Studies Discount for Walsh Alumni

A 25% discount granted to individuals who received their undergraduate or graduate degree from Walsh University and are enrolling in graduate courses. This discount does not apply to students eligible for and accepting other discounts. This discount also does not apply to the Physical Therapy Program. Restrictions exist for students receiving employer-based tuition reimbursement.

Counseling and Human Development Program Premier Discount

A 25% discount granted to graduate students enrolled in the Counseling & Human Development programs.
Eligibility is based upon a weighted combination of factors including financial need and academic record. To apply for the discount, students must obtain an enrollment form from the Student Service Center.

Licensure Program Discount (LEAD)

A $265 per credit hour discount on undergraduate courses granted to individuals who already hold a Bachelor's Degree and are now electing to participate in the Teacher Preparation Program. This discount does not apply to students eligible for and accepting other discounts, nor is it applicable to summer tuition rates. 

More information on tuition discounts is available in the Student Service Center located in Farrell Hall.