Human Resources Management

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In addition to a general business background, it is essential that aspiring human resources professionals are knowledgeable in such areas as employee relations, performance management, teamwork and collaboration, onboarding and other skills. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Human Resources Management:

  • Median Salary (Human Resources Managers): $116,720 

  • Number of Jobs (in US) Sales Managers: 165,200 

  • Growth by 2029: 6%

Why Walsh?

  • Business understanding. Our students learn how important effective business practices are for an organization's success and ultimate sustainability.
  • Responsible best-practices. Ethical, social, moral and personal responsibility is emphasized throughout the coursework and embedded in our students' classroom and experiential learning. 
  • Integrated Curriculum. We established principles for each major, and these become themes that are carried out and reiterated through the curriculum and any experiential experiences. It's part of our effort to help students retain what they're learning and to offer them a foundation to draw upon throughout their collegiate career and beyond. 

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