Division of Humanities

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Our faculty trains students to be able to adapt and respond to challenges, to effectively analyze and create solutions for problems, and to exercise not only sound, but also moral and ethical judgments. Graduates from our programs in the Division of Humanities have flourished in business, government and in the non-profit sector. Many graduates successfully pursue paths in graduate school, ministry work, law, medicine, and more. 

Students can earn a bachelor's degree in the following majors:

  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Students design their own curriculum within the University's guidelines. Interdisciplinary Studies majors will choose three major disciplines of study and must complete 12 credit hours in each area
  • Government and Foreign Affairs - Providing an understanding of the American and global political systems, as well as political theory.
  • Philosophy - Designed to help students explore enduring questions of self and society, and the answers to these questions posed by everyone from Plato to the Pope, from Origen to Oprah.
  • Theology - Designed to help students respond to questions about life in the 21st Century in a critically reflective way, from a Judeo-Christian perspective. 

Minor available in:

  • History
  • International Relations
  • Peace Studies

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