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IRB Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What exactly qualifies as human subjects research?
When should I obtain IRB approval in my research process?
Do student academic research projects require IRB approval?
Who do I contact if I have a question?

CITI Questions

Who is required to take CITI training? 
If I have taken the HSR or NIH training previously, do I still need to take CITI training? 
Which CITI training do I take? 
How long will it take me to complete CITI training?
Are my quiz scores important? 
How long is my CITI training valid for?

Application Questions

Who needs to be listed on the IRB Application? 
Does the application need original signatures? 
What should I list as my start date for research if I want to begin right away? 
What should be included on my bibliography/reference list? 
What materials need to be included with the application?
How do I submit my IRB application?
I have submitted my IRB application. Now what happens?
How do I submit changes to a currently approved protocol?
How are changes to an approved protocol reviewed? 
What is a closing report? 

Informed Consent Questions

What should my informed consent include? 

Common Errors

Don't let these delay your application!
  • Individuals completing the wrong CITI training
  • Not signing the IRB application
  • Not emailing the IRB application and required attachments to IRB@walsh.edu
  • Not clearly describing the research questions, research design and methodology, the analysis plan, data management plan, the subjects being recruited, and the desired sample size 
  • The consent form is written at too high of a reading level
  • Consent form does not contain the required elements
  • The information in the informed consent form does not match the IRB application