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Brother Charlie motivated and inspired me

Jason Reed

Jason Reed - Class of 1999

When I was a student at Walsh, we didn't have the amenities that are there now. There was no shopping center across the street nor was there a student center. We didn't have a wellness center, and there certainly wasn't an on-campus movie theater. Our recreation options were basically going out to dinner, watching movies, talking with friends on campus or shopping. I spent a lot of time at Belden Village Mall.

On campus, the cafeteria was a great place to enjoy fellowship with your friends. They may not have been serving home-cooked meals, but the cafeteria staff was so lively, outspoken and welcoming that they made you feel at home. Sporting events were also popular. I spent a lot of time supporting others because they were very supportive of me. I kept busy with basketball and participating in Student Government, the Black Student Union, and other activities on campus.

Some of my fondest memories from Walsh are of Brother Charlie. I enjoyed meeting with him whether it was on a weekly basis or simply in passing for a brief minute conversation between classes. He motivated me to continue when times got tough or classes were overwhelming. He told me to be persistent and inspired me to believe that I could graduate. Outside of the education faculty, he was the most influential person I encountered. He was that cornerstone that kept me together; he was very inspirational to me.

Jason is currently the Director of Multicultural and Retention Services at his alma mater, St. Ignatius High School. He resides in Cleveland.