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Even to this day, I feel more comfortable when I have a tie on

John Latchic

John Latchic - Class of 1969

I have a lot of good stories about this place but one I'll always remember is when a friend of mine and I used to play tennis with Sherry Bossart and Br. Roland. Sherry was like a tennis pro so one day I asked her if she would take it easy on us. She just smiled and said she would. I just smiled back and said, ‘Now don't tell me any lies here.' We had some really good matches that lasted for hours. We all had wonderful times with friends and the brothers here. I was student body president too and remained active around working and school so it was always fun. I surrounded myself with very good people. It's funny to look back because for a time it was only men at Walsh and we wore suits and ties and even to this day I feel more comfortable when I have a tie on.

Walsh was always a friendly place and still is. I had transferred from Ohio University at that time and lived with my uncle and commuted. It was interesting too because the cost worked out well for me. I made enough money in the summers to pay my tuition and my uncle fed me, so it was nice to have family looking out for me and be with a good school. The Brothers cared so much about us too. They were all great. They taught me to be a gentleman.

After I graduated, I was everything from Assistant Director of Admissions to Associate Director of Admissions. I spent 30 of my 36 years in admissions before I retired in 2007. I worked as Coordinator of Commuter Services and with Career Development later on in my career and it was great to work with the students in so many ways. I still come back in my retirement. It's fun to be on campus and see games and see the place grow. I enjoy retirement but I miss the people. The kids keep you young and on your toes.