johnnie-legrair.JPGCollege Graduation Year: 2008
Hometown: Copley
High School: Copley High School
College Degrees: History, BA (Graduate degrees in progress)

Hobbies/interests outside of work: Volleyball, reading, and writing are how I spend my free time if I’m not discussing worldview and philosophy with a friend in some way.

Favorite thing about Walsh: Walsh University’s emphasis on improving student life and engagement on campus is my favorite thing thus far.

Favorite places/things to do in Stark County: The small parks and local coffee shops sooth my introversion by fostering peaceful talk space with a friend or self-reflection time with nature. Conversely, the faster-paced options in Belden Village or on the Strip speak to my extroversion and provide plenty of reasons to leave the house with bigger groups. Overall, my favorite thing about Stark County is that the area is great for an ambivert lifestyle. 

Advice for a prospective Walsh student: Engage with every part of campus. The multitude of resources, programs, and events available will help you relax and refocus when you need while building lasting relationships along the way. Explore the culture and embrace self-discovery in a safe place here on campus.

Contact me anytime!

Direct Line: 330-490-7198