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Kathleen Roshak

Kathleen Roshak

Family Services Coordinator

Why did you chose Walsh?

Walsh University was a perfect fit for me because it offers good Catholic theology and philosophy programs, as well as being close to my home.  Also, because of the small student body size and the good student-to-faculty ratio, there are many leadership opportunities.  My skills and interests were put to use at Walsh University, and I did not get lost in the crowd. 

Describe briefly what you do in your current job:

After Hurricane Katrina, the need for safe, decent, affordable housing in the Gulf region skyrocketed.  Many families still feel the effects of Katrina, and the low income families are always the first to be affected.  At Habitat for Humanity in Mobile County, my job as the Family Services Coordinator is to oversee the family selection process.  Working with Habitat's guidelines, I go through all the applications to our program and develop a close relationship with Habitat's partner families.

How did Walsh prepare you for your current job?

My theology studies solidified the importance of every person, especially the poor who are often unable to get ahead in life without the help of others.  Reminding myself daily of the dignity each person has helps me keep a positive attitude at my job.  The mission of Habitat for Humanity is something I truly believe in, and is a mission that Christians are called to work towards: making sure all families have a safe, decent, affordable place to live.  

What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending Walsh University?

As an incoming freshman, I was still unsure if Walsh University was the right place for me.  I intended to transfer out by my sophomore year if I didn't enjoy it, but I decided to at least give it a chance.  I ended up loving my time as a student at Walsh, and obviously I stayed and graduated from Walsh.  Choosing a college is a big choice, but give Walsh a chance!  Chances are, you'll end up loving it and graduate with the life skills necessary to follow your passion.